A Love Letter

Love letters for the soul. I like that idea. I wrote this letter/ poem call it what you want, but I wrote it a long time ago. It is now a little book. When I say self love I mean taking care of you!

I am releasing my books this spring and will be doing lots of fun art projects to celebrate. One of these will be to rewrite this letter for a poster and print. I am excited to share.

Positive Thoughts

Surface Design seems like a good idea! These flowers were created with a series of motions made with a flat brush. Not even sure how I mixed this beautiful color. A little red? Oh right it was just painting and that led to PLAY

The just painting and PLAY is part of the 100 ways to flower with power book. It’s all together only I need to physically do it. I have more writing and I’ll start next week.

Lotus Bloom

Sometimes you need to feel vulnerable, scared and hopeless so you can then realize even more. The Lotus flower is all put together. It was a mess. The mess came when I started thinking perfection. One of my followers on Instagram thought it was good as is. It was but I felt like it was too much trying to be instead of just being.

Lotus Flower

This flower is a reminder that I am working everday toward my creative business. I need to let the sun and air in so I can bloom. I didn’ t know that a Lotus flower only grows in the mud.

Yellow and Pink Stamp Flowers

Oh right, the cool flowers that gave me hope.

Cut a craft sponge into a half and inch piece, mix-up a warm yellow and begin stamping. Finish by covering unstamped areas with a Shell Pink Watercolor. That’s all there is to painting these flowers.

Take some random objects from around the house and stamp flowers. You could use erasers, lids, paper, straws…straws are an interesting way. Use your favorite colors. You’re the artist!

I’m waiting for pink and white Acrylic Paint to arrive in the mail. These colors will be great for the center of the flower and a little pollen. Not sure why the flower in the middle is a little squished. Just a little, but I’ll adjust the spacing in the digitizing. I suppose I was thinking together we can, together we will.

There’s nothing like a breeze, a bird’s song or the warmth of a sun. How can you not feel love. How can you not feel peace.

Have fun. See you tomorrow.

Wait, are you a subscriber? I have lots more flowers to paint this week. I have a few self love Valentine’s Day ideas for next week.

Heart Shape Bubble Wrap You

have my heart. The dots didn’t come out as I expected. These petals are even better. I want my pictures to not come out so washed out. The color is much more vibrant. And it will be when I scan it.

The stem was practice for another flower I’ll be painting next week. It’s this aweome flower I captured on one of my nature walks. I’m building a collection on pinterest! What a week. I painted everything I wanted to paint, finished a workshop and still need to work on the course, oh and the butterfly.

What a week. What really helped is make and I will never forget Ms. Gorman’s words. Never.

Word of the year with watercolors

word art with watercolor

My word of the year is MAKE. I want to make more. do more. I want more of the making that happens when I let curiosity take over. I want more of the making that leads to painting with markers. Even the markers that didn’t blend with water worked. Scribble on a ceramic plate. Dip your brush in water, mix the two and you have watercolor.

word art with watercolor

I usually draw letters on the page and paint around them. That works ok but why not try something different!. That’s the other make I want more of.

If it didn’t work before, then change it up.

Here goes. Cut out the letters and lightly tape them down. Then paint, splatter, stamp and draw. If you make a mistake cover it up with a stamp or more watercolor. Keep on making until you’re done. Do what you are going to do but do it with you!

And that’s the other make. Work through the misktakes because it’s part of growing and getting better. Who says it’s a mistake anyway. Just let yourself go and keep on making. Eventually you’ll get to the good stuff.

What’s your word of the year?

There’s no right way to paint a flower

wataercolor florals using heart shapes

…I am realizing that my phone doesn’t take good photos. Or is it me? And there’s the blanket sketch that looks nothing like the blanket I posted yesterday. Yesterday I sat at the kitchen table and went through every flower I’ve painted and just like that my book came together.

There is no right way to Paint a flower

Should this be my title? Yes! I had a beautiufl pink and sketch. Seriously there’s no right way to paint a flower. Use a circle, your thumb, your hand or dip the brush in watercolor and make shapes. The choice is yours. That is the brilliance of you! We all have different ideas.

The funny part is I focused on my sketch thinking I had to paint like my sketch or the flower would be wrong? I painted the petals, no pencil just paint.

The only wrong way to paint a flower is to believe there is a wrong way.

By the way, the actual florals don’t have floral petals. I chose to paint hearts because the florals are colorful. I couldn’t help but feel love.

This is going to be great book.

See you tomorrow when I paint my word of the year with markers. Yes tested my waterproof markers and I’m ready!

Focus on the details

My lines are getting better. There’s a few happy mistakes. There’s areas that needed digital fixing. This was one of those times where you intend to paint a few details and an hour later you’re done. Maybe I overthought the details…I wanted to keep going until it felt like a blanket. Looks good for practice and a post. At some point it did but I kept on adding lines.

Some artists talk about doing pages of lines, shapes, transparencies…to build skills. I prefer painting blankets. Projects are a good way to focus on the details and keep going long after the mistakes. In the making you discover how awesome White ink is. More importantly, you discover that you can draw. Still working on the drawing part, ha. I’m not used to painting fine lines which is what compelled me to kepp on painting them.

Ok this is my accountability/review blanket. In a couple of weeks I’ll do a side by side comparison. Keep practicing and the details will come together.

Next time I want to do shades of Brown. I have a new appreciation for watercolor.

Patterns of Peruvian Blankets

…this is a good place to stop

I want to add details.

Monotones of Pink with a little Blue. I should paint Blue Monotones with a little pink. Brown monotones? Yes. Not sure why the color looks washed out yet vibrant on my phone. Not to worry because I will add more details before I digitize. I was enjoying the flow of water across the page. Then a sudden, I have to finish showed up. Patience is important in painting. Patience in moving the page around. Patience in applying the paint. Patience in allowing the drying to work its magic. Patience in quieting your mind and simply painting.

Back to the idea that inspired Peruvian blankets. Made my one. Warmth for all. Speaking of lettering. I wrote in watercolor today.

Tomorrow’s another day.