Expressive Flowers

Lessons I’ve learned As An Artist This Week

Hello! Before I continue with today’s post I want to share a posting agenda. Every Sunday I’ll post the art lessons I’ve learned throughout the week. Every Wednesday I’ll post an update on my current project including tips. I’ll be posting a random tutorial post on one of the other days. Ok, let’s get this post started.

These are the lessons I’ve learned as an artist this week.

In-between state of mind

At the first sign of mistakes, I’II want to start over. I haven’t felt the need to start over! Ok, I threw out a few sheets of paper because I made a mess with the paint BUT I work in peace. I don’t think about the work being good or bad. Sometimes I do but then I choose to keep painting.

Abundance Mindset

I’ve been blogging for a long time. Every day there are more of you. Thank you so much! And I appreciate the kind feedback. I want to believe that I encourage all of you to paint and or add joy to your days. When I read your comments I say, “Really? You think my roses are beautiful? I’m in the practice phase.” I forget that what makes art wonderful is there’s room for all of us! We can all be given the task to paint a rose. How we paint the rose is art. There’s no right way to paint a rose! By the way abundance mindset is a term I borrowed from Ettavee.

Have a little plan

Neocolours are water-soluble crayons. Before I paint, I sketch with Neocolour crayons. When I hold a Neocolour in my hand it reminds me of crayons. And crayons are childhood. These crayons help me keep art loose, exploratory, and playful!

Sometimes I’ll set up my favorite color and sketch. Or I’ll think of how the orange roses on my walk made me feel and I paint! Most of my process is anything goes. There’s this artist who likes to mix up paint right on the canvas instead of a palette. All these little ideas help me start. All you have to do is start. You don’t have to know how to paint. Just paint! I’m fact if you’re thinking I don’t know how, you’re doing it wrong.

So basically it’s the little plans that create the state of mind and state of mine welcomes the abundance mindset.

Thanks for reading and being a part of creatively hue. What you think of these tips? The blog agenda? Comment below.



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Expressive Flowers

What does freedom mean to you?

You know you have a choice

Birds are singing and you rejoice

Feel the breeze and the color of a rose

You dance you pose


Without restraint

You dream

The moon shines, you shine

Windmills and tulips sing, “I am yours and you are mine.”

To freedom is being open to feeling the connection between nature and you.



Expressive Flowers

Roses-Pink and Blue

I went through all of my artwork. Perhaps you have seen all 100 of my designs on Society 6. Society 6 was my platform for storing my portfolio. And if I made a sale, great. I sold a sticker. Yes. Was I dedicated to the site? Did I habitually upload work weekly? Monthly? No. I’m not sure how I feel about Society 6. Since Society 6 was my portfolio it was experimental. There’s no right way to paint a flower. I believe that. I paint this way. I also know that my shop should be cohesive. I had three different signatures for my art. Some prints are actual pages from book projects. There are a lot of projects that I had to say goodbye to. These projects reflect an attitude of I’m sharing and hope you like it. Doesn’t sound too confident, does it?

And that brings me to pink and blue roses. I paint expressive abstract florals. I’m working on roses. I love painting nature. I have lots of ideas. I was frustrated. You know when you see cool on social media. It gets to you and you ask yourself, “How do I measure up? I don’t want to measure up. I want to paint. I am an artist, period. I know about color and the principles of design. I know about the wonderful flowers I see on my walks. These flowers are my biggest inspiration.

I just wrote a post on Instagram about hoarding acrylic paint. I would save the good “stuff” for when I was ready. In the words of an awesome first-grade class, I was born ready. They say this every single day. I need to paint like this. I am an artist. I should stop posting partially finished work because I didn’t really work on it. If people don’t like my work, it won’t hurt as much. I’m switching gears. My priority is self-expression. I love the positive feedback you give me. It reminds me that I’m not alone. We all have a story to tell.

Don’t hoard your paint for a better day. Paint today! Glad I had this talk. Glad I painted these pink and blue roses. Pink was my hero. I mixed orange with a sun-kissed white. I mixed a little of sun-kissed white with pink and threw in a little fluorescent pink. It works! My new portfolio will be here. Here’s to new beginnings! Have a good week!



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Roses Project, Watercolor

Doubt is Not Who I Am

sketching flowers with tempera paint

I almost forgot about today’s post. I haven’t been feeling good. Instead of painting, I want to share a thought that seems to be a theme in everything I’ve been reading. Your art is not about technique. Art is about what you feel when you are painting. Art is YOU. I’ve always been spiritual and connected to the world around me, especially nature.

I painted the above arrangement on thin sketchbook paper. I used Crayola tempera paint. I miss that paint. When I painted these blue flowers I felt free. I painted faith. Here’s to more of this self-expression.

That’s all for now. I’m keeping things short and sweet. Reading, and taking notes on post-impressionism and Suzanne’s course are great ways to rest and still work on art. I’m always working or thinking about art.

Thank you so much for reading. Take care of you.



Expressive Flowers

Mixing Vibrant Color

I finally have the pink tones I’ve been searching for.

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

I came back from a walk filled with white and pink roses. I don’t know what to say except I can’t wait till spring. Now here I am writing this post. Seeing all those colors made me appreciate my flourescent painting exploration even more.

I squeezed fluorescent pink, red and indian yellow onto a palette. I was looking for my notes from Etta Vee’s post. I decided to be the artist I am and play. All was calm and quiet. My spirit painted and dare I say it, mixed the perfect pinks. I had vibrant orange. Vibrant colors, we are going places. Oh, and adding titanium white made a dreamy orange cream. I let the paintbrush glide on the page. In the texture, the words you are your own hero emerged. Yes! I was in the moment. I usually have one flower on one page, maybe two. The message is written on each flower.

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

But what if you turn the page five times to get the full message. Each page’s bloom is more vibrant than the last. I can do a test run with an idea pin! The ideas are always here. It’s only a matter of being in a quiet place so you can hear yourself think. It’s the best place to be, right there living.

Now for the collage work. Next time I go to Blick I’m going to buy a newspaper pad to paint on.



Creative Exploration

Thought for the day

Every now and then I’ll tell someone that I’m an artist. It just comes up. Today’s respose left me thinking…

Am I ethusiastic about my work? Am I my biggerst fan? The experience always makes me reflect on my work. Yes I do paint cool flowers.

Paint more color for De Colores. Read De Colores. Finish my watercolor mosaic. Add new work to my shops. I’m ready!

Be your own fan! Create for you! Mix color. Build texure.

Creative Exploration

Exploring tools to paint blooms

Testing different tools to paint flowers

Erasers, ink, brush handles, pens, pencils…. I like the idea of taking an ordinary object and making something extraordinary. Stamping with tissue paper was fun last night.

Painting helps you learn all these lessons.

Flowers are pops of color.

Or should it be pops of happy? Both

Creative Exploration

Stop thinking and get to the making…

Shades of pink and orange blooms

Sometimes it works and other times it leads to what does!

Every time I look at these blooms I fall in love with color all over again. I’m goign to make more of these. Fill a journal of my favorites?

Let’s see:

I could go on and on and I will. This will be a great project for spring! Then I could use the journal to create my creative bloom course?

Blooms and De Colores I have time for you both.

Creative Exploration

Very Peri-Pantone Color of 2022

I’m excited about this color. I have been painting with purple since I realized that purple is creativity.

Very Peri Bloom Framed Art Print

You get purple when you mix red and blue. Blue is the color of faith. Red is the color of passion and playfulness. When I think of red I think of Love, McDonald’s and Coca Cola. When I think of blue I think of oceans and skies. You do need faith and passion for creativity and imagination.

Yes I have purple as a color entry in my de colores book but I’m also going to include an entry for the color of the year.

Perhaps a little poem

There’s nothing shy about very peri.

Sweet like creme and berries.

Creativity is royalty.

Have your cup of tea

It’s not just purple, that’s so typical.

It’s a little more blue, just the right unmistakbale.

The name is so… I can I will I AM.

I’m the woman who knows she’s the man.

Oh very peri

This year’s gonna be merry!

Let's Do This Bouquet Mini Art Print

Ok I just wrote that poem and I’m sharing it? I made me giggle in that I’m going to paint something awesome sort of way. I am having so much fun with this book.