Creative Exploration

Floral Pattern with Watercolor

Diwali Sand Art or the colors of Mexican Talavera? Both. This pattern would be amazing on a rectangle platter. I sketched out this design. Tried coloring with soft pastels. What a mess. These colors turned out amazing. I painted another vase and my shadow/

I enjoy free style painting never really knowing what will happen. Watercolor surprises me every time. You have to be patient You can’t control the water clouds or the little textures. I do need to fix a few areas but that’s what the eraser tool it for. Thank goodness. Looks good! Can’t wait to add this pattern to the shop.

I’ve eyed an Egytian pattern and color palette. Lanterns for the Moonlight festival? I can picture them now.

Creative Exploration

New Project – Around the World

From the perfume bottles of Egypt to Mexico’s ceramics, there’s a whole world of texture, color, glazing techniques, stories and PEOPLE. With this project I want to improve my drawing and explore culture.

I’ve been building a collection called around the world. I have samples of homes, celebrations, instruments, animals, food and traditions. I’m Mexican American so I want to start with my culture. In December I want to foucs on Christmas. I want to paint food, pinatas and….

Where did I go wrong with the jugs? Impatience. I had to create for this post. When I painted the blue jug I simply had an idea, mixed blue tones and embelished with a pen. If I compare the blue jug with today’s mess, it’s a night and day difference. Todaty felt forced.

So creative exploration meets culture? Lets do this.

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