Paint what you want

I was listening to a James Victore podcast and his words practice without doubt, practice without perfection and practice without comparison are golden. When I practice it’s not that I’m happy or perfectly painting. There is this peace and in that peace are me an the idea. There are no rules, that terrible sense of rules that makes you hold the brush wrong and you’ve made a mistake. Someone shared that very notion with me. We think it’s wrong because we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe such lies. We have allowed outside forces to condition us.

I just had my birthday almost a week ago and I’m still celebrating. I’ve been posting some of my words and getting more likes. These are what I really want to make. Thank you for your feedback. Your likes are inspiration to keep painting. I’m going to keep painting regardless.

Joy & Friendship Blooms

Hi I want to remind you that there’s a Labor Day sale going on in my shop. This is one of my favorite prints. The colors are exactly how I feel.

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Make Print/Poster Part 3

Choose a word and doodle images that represent the word

I am second guessing the stems and a few of the color choices but these blooms make me smile. This version is fun to look at. The colors express exactly how I feel. It feels like a mural or a large canvas. You get caught up in the details and wonder why.

Here I splattered paint and turned the splatters into blooms. What a great idea! I love the turquoise but not the gray pink. The white block letters are bright.

word art with watercolor

Yes there’s going to be a third design. Oh by the way this weekend you can save up to 40% off my art.

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Love is always blooming

This week was weird. I find myself wanting to fully connect with my authentic me. I started a great audio book, Swagger. There’s been a few words of brutal honesty. I had to calm myself with Gospel Morning’s Love podcast. Last night’s evening stroll was a game changer. Always is. All the podcasts have been about love. Everything leads back to love. Love my authentic me, my authentic child soul who wants to draw all day long and share it.

This week I painted a few butterflies, paper roll flowers, an Allium and I still want to paint another, and abstract brush stroke flowers.

As always thank you for reading.

Pink and Yellow Friendship Blooms

joy and friendship watercolor blooms to remind you that nature is on your side

The other day I went for a walk. I was deep in thought. I often am. I heard birds singing. Then a pink bloom or a peach bloom gets me. Suddenly I stop and each breath is love. It’s almost like that friend who calls you up. Sometimes you call them. You ramble about the days events just to get them of your chest. You ramble on about your fears and doubt. You dream. You dream the impossible. You let go. No judgement. No fear.

The great part is that there’s always nature. She’ll always give you a breeze or if not a warm hug. Or a rain dance … I could go on.

Hope you enjoyed these blooms. If you want to purchase the artwork go to the shop page. Are you a subscriber? It’s almost my birthday. I ‘ll probably give away a few books.

Acrylic Basics with a t-shirt project

five bright color flowers for t-shirt designs

Flower t-shirts? Blooms of optimism? Yes. I have been looking for a t-shirt and this is a dream project. I created a thinking map a few nights ago. CatCoq’s blog post was in my mailbox. Here we are! Love the orange flower but I’ll have to fix the stigma. I have an idea. My favorite is the magenta Cosmo. Not sure why but I have a hard time mixing pink. I think I finally figured out. I did practice mixing pinks? Oh yes.

Mix Magenta with A drop of Primary Blue. Then add a little red.

Beautiful! I’ve been practicing acrylic. Adding water helps get a smooth texture. Thicker paint creatives visible strokes which are good too. Now I need the hand written words and layout.

Projects and painting are my peace. It’s been a good week.

How to use your Brush?

All you need is one tool. Right? Yes we can make a mess and learn how to paint with one brush. Press. Twist. Paint with the handle. Hold it sideways. Or paint with your left hand. I’m right-handed.

I may post a few extra posts this week. There’s so much work.

Tips for using Acrylic Paint

Today I had the I can do this all day momentum. What really made me smile is that I figured out how to keep my paint creamy.

  • With a flat brush paint water over a your mixing plate. My plate is a $2 plate I bought at Walmart.
  • Squeeze the paint onto the wet plate,.
  • Swirl each color until it is smooth. You could use a palette knife.
  • Add small drops of water util you have creamy paint.
  • You could mix a little white to your color
  • Have fun!

I place a color on each corner. Add a drop of white in the center. Then I have the rest of the plate to mix color. The magic begins! All I had to do was practice. Yes with practice and a willingness to explore I found the answer. Not so good with the actual flower artwork. That’s another post.

Circles Make Good Flowers

Shapes are fun. Circles are easy to draw. No they don’t have to be perfect. Draw them with your left hand in various sizes. The choice is yours.

I leave you with an inspiring quote.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” – Jerzy Kosinski

Thank you for reading.