…because I got to have faith

What I love about painting flowers is that I can pick up any supplies and create a flower. I have a whole book filled with them! I go from idea to idea. It’s because of my faith. Faith is that voice that says I got this without having a why. There is a why but it’s without defined reason. For these moments, especially in despair, it’s like George Michael sings, because I gotta have faith.

To finish off the year and for the years to come I’m going to remember that t as much as I love going for a walk and feeling the warmth of the sun against my hair, that warmth is living breathing inside me when it rains, when it pours because that energy that binds us is ALWAYS HERE.

Love this new pink acrylic paint

I was painting blooms and thinking spring. Today is cold and winter is almost near. I’ll sit in thought and dream of spring as I glue, paint or write.

Oh but there are many of full mooms in the winter. There are breezy cold days just right for blankets and hot cocoa. The sun shines so your nose won’t freeze. Oh my every season has its beauty! I have so many blooms to paint and a book to finish!

This weekend I’ll put together the ebook layout, the first rough draft. I may share it sooner than you think.

Yes it’s possible

three orange and pink blooms with emerald green stems

Your dreams no matter the time or circumstance are posible. The color on these blooms are like yes of course your dreams are possible. Now how do I make that happen??? Ha

I was mixing up my version of turquoise green and suddenly I’m expressing a recent conversation.

Nature is an art teacher

Color tells a beautiful story. One look and feel of nature and you feel alive. Pay attention with your senses. Drop it all and smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Paint what you feel. There’s no rules. There’s no sense. Everything in nature simply is. We simply are. All we need to do is look within. Painting from within is where our best work is. The biggest best part of nature is…nature encourages me to paint my ideas. Observe a stigma and the petals and you’ll know what I mean.

Wait a minute! The mosaic flower could make a great book cover for the color book? Yes! Oh let me close my eyes and imagine my walk before I paint. It’s a gloomy storms a coming kind of day.

painting with an ornament

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

All that matters is that you paint. Pick an ornament and paint. Wait I painted some new blooms a few days ago. If it doesn’t make sense then it’ll probably be good. Trust yourself especially when you don’t. The flowers, moon and the stars always believe in your dreams but the question is do I believe in my dreams? Yes!

Circle Flat Brush Blooms

acrylic painted blooms with the words hello

There are all these tutorials on painting flowers. There’s this specific one on getting the right shadows. Although I do love the reflection of the sun shinning down warming me, that’s just not my kind of painting.

I want to take a flat brush

Choose the colors I feel, no rush

Paint in a circle motion

It’s just you and me, no comotion

Big circles

Small circles

A little orange a little pink

blending and dry brush textures

you are my kind of drink

Beautiful art with simple shapes

That’s it. That is all you need to make these flowers. You take a flat brush, dip it in paint and paint in a swirl motion. Next year I am putting together a course on flowers and bloomg as an artist. Are you interested? Le me know.

Now I’m going to do some serious writing for the book.