Circles Make Good Flowers

Shapes are fun. Circles are easy to draw. No they don’t have to be perfect. Draw them with your left hand in various sizes. The choice is yours.

I leave you with an inspiring quote.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” – Jerzy Kosinski

Thank you for reading.

Just You Making Art is Messy

What a mess but I see the wrongs. I did keep working on this and the blue version is beautiful. I have added a few details with a colored pencil so the finished flower is even more beautiful! The stigma was made with a toothpick. Or was it a chopctick? The point is to combine tools and techniques and make it work.

blue flower

Sure painting with my palms was crazy and weird but it works. The pink and orange color scheme is, well I’ll add that to my color project. Beautiful. Every mess has it’s beauty. That’s what I wrote about for the book today. The book is going well. I have a short time but the deadline will be met.

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Together is better

I painted, stamped this apple some time ago. It was for a Graphic design course. The ideas was to take an object and recreate it 10 ways. You observe color, texture and shape. It’s interesting to see how all of the elements work together and a message reveals itself.

Have you stamped lately?

Palms Make Cool Flowers

blue flower

Paint flower petals with my palm? Tracing petals and then painting? Which would you choose? Pianting petals with my palm is much better, for two reasons. When you put you in your work, you make a difference. There’s uncertainty of how the paint will stamp. There’s the gratification of ” I made this.”

Last night’s words of Seth Godin showed up in today’s painting session. I hope they always do. His words and James’ words,” What made you weird as a kid, makes you great today.”

As I painted my plams, with each stroke I was further in a mess. The mess where a teacher says, Stop that your’re making a mess. Yet if I didn’t make a mess, I wouldn’t have made beautiful art.

Yellow and Pink Stamp Flowers

Oh right, the cool flowers that gave me hope.

Cut a craft sponge into a half and inch piece, mix-up a warm yellow and begin stamping. Finish by covering unstamped areas with a Shell Pink Watercolor. That’s all there is to painting these flowers.

Take some random objects from around the house and stamp flowers. You could use erasers, lids, paper, straws…straws are an interesting way. Use your favorite colors. You’re the artist!

I’m waiting for pink and white Acrylic Paint to arrive in the mail. These colors will be great for the center of the flower and a little pollen. Not sure why the flower in the middle is a little squished. Just a little, but I’ll adjust the spacing in the digitizing. I suppose I was thinking together we can, together we will.

There’s nothing like a breeze, a bird’s song or the warmth of a sun. How can you not feel love. How can you not feel peace.

Have fun. See you tomorrow.

Wait, are you a subscriber? I have lots more flowers to paint this week. I have a few self love Valentine’s Day ideas for next week.

Paint Your Vision

A drop of neon pink. A drop of red. A slightly smaller drop of green. Add a touch of white until you create the right pink. Now I have a flower that represent my vision. I have a flower that makes me want to paint more flowers.

The idea was first painted in a peachy read tone. Pink seems a better choice.

Pink reminds me of the flowers I observed. No petals were idential. Leaves had different shapes. Then it hit me. Why do I try and paint each petal with the same shape?

Butterfly with Tracing Paper

This Butterfly would make a great ceramic piece for the garden. I painted tracing paper with blue paint. Days later I looked at the blue sheet and thought Butterfly. The Butterfly was there. All I needed to do was cut out the rest of the paper. The pattern isn’t exactly symmetrical but it works. I’m going to scan this in for better color.

I did a quick litle experiment by adding drops of paint onto a sheet and then folding to blend. This made amazing texture. I’ll do that in another post. A Christmans posr?


Alternative paper: copy paper, tissue paper or tracing paper. Use acrylic paint too. Drawing patterns with a white crayon or any color first then painting over it with watercolor would be fun too.

I am good at this.

I had some left over paint and painted. Painitng all of these ceramic pieces takes me back to high school cermaics class. My coiled pot was featured in the yearbook and in the library display case. But the experience of making this pot is what matters to me the most. I remember creating with a flow that led to goodness. I didn’t need anyone to tell me how good it was. I just knew. There was this feeling of, I’m good at this. I should do more.

Here’s to more work. There is only make. It’s the true nature of play. Let’s see what I cam come up with. I should look at more of my old work. I am a creative. I always will be.