Expressive Flowers

Today’s a new day blooms

Magenta watercolor dahlia sketches

Yesterday’s project and the post had me write, tomorrow’s another day. Today was a much better day. There are a few fixables but it was a good day! I held the photo of these pink purple dahlias in my heart. I painted. I used watercolor, acrylic, stamping with the back of my paintbrush and outlined with a pen. The blue paint was me working on texture with a piece of credit card. The only blue texture I like is the spot on the bottom left. Not to worry, my scanner will erase everthing else. The curvy stems may need a little work but let the good times roll.



Expressive Flowers

Life’s Peachy Paper roll blooms

Three paper roll blooms

Some time ago I found a tutorial on creating stamps with paper rolls. What a great idea! For the complete tutorial head here.

Love the simple. Ok, today’s stamping with ribbon and acrylic didn’t work but there are lots more ideas to come. Oh wait, the acrylic green background with a quote looking like a tree. It’s going to be good. Every idea will lead you someplace.



Creative Exploration

Yes it’s possible

three orange and pink blooms with emerald green stems

Your dreams no matter the time or circumstance are posible. The color on these blooms are like yes of course your dreams are possible. Now how do I make that happen??? Ha

I was mixing up my version of turquoise green and suddenly I’m expressing a recent conversation.

Creative Exploration

painting with an ornament

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

All that matters is that you paint. Pick an ornament and paint. Wait I painted some new blooms a few days ago. If it doesn’t make sense then it’ll probably be good. Trust yourself especially when you don’t. The flowers, moon and the stars always believe in your dreams but the question is do I believe in my dreams? Yes!

Creative Exploration

Circle Flat Brush Blooms

acrylic painted blooms with the words hello

There are all these tutorials on painting flowers. There’s this specific one on getting the right shadows. Although I do love the reflection of the sun shinning down warming me, that’s just not my kind of painting.

I want to take a flat brush

Choose the colors I feel, no rush

Paint in a circle motion

It’s just you and me, no comotion

Big circles

Small circles

A little orange a little pink

blending and dry brush textures

you are my kind of drink

Beautiful art with simple shapes

That’s it. That is all you need to make these flowers. You take a flat brush, dip it in paint and paint in a swirl motion. Next year I am putting together a course on flowers and bloomg as an artist. Are you interested? Le me know.

Now I’m going to do some serious writing for the book.

Creative Exploration

Love me Pink and Yellow Collage Flower

Love me pink and yellow collage flower

The other day I was in an art class and I painted some paper. I painted on newspaper, copy paper and watercolor paper. Eric Carle reminds me to paint. All we need to do is pick up the brush and paint. We grown ups complicate everything. Here’s to love.

Nature is always whispering love me. Surrender to me.

Now it’s time for tea, Snickers and sketching. Maybe I’ll paint afterward.

Creative Exploration

Make Poster/Print Part 3

I am eager to finish but it’s important to take my time. Flowers need time to bloom. Blue and orange are great together. Pinks and peaches bring out the lighter tones. Just go with your ideas and see what happens. In the end it’s going to be beautiful! Don’t worry about mistakes. Have fun. These colors make me smile Maybe do a few deep green leaves. Blues make orange look good. Hearts. I like where this is going.

These were just a few of my thoughts. I’ll finish this print tomorrow.

Creative Exploration

I cold paint like this EVERYDAY

learning to paint flowers with fun tools

Let me see, I used a paper roll to stamp with acrylic paint. Then I used watercolor to fill in the petals. Oh and the stems. This is going to look so much brighter and colorful when I scan it. And yes I do have to erase the thin stem. And the fun didn’t stop there because I used the top of the yellow brush handle to stamp the brown dots.

Painting this flower made me as happy as the yellows and pinks. For hours it was just me, my tools and my ideas. Wait till you see the other flowers. I am excited still. I hope to build and share this community with you. That is what creatively hue is all about. I am dreaming of the workshop and soon to be courses. Yeah. I am going to make many more flowers.

I have made these for my book Creative Bloom. The best part is that there are so many possibilities in how you stamp to how you cut your paper roll. Many many more of these to come.

Ok time to go research a Ranunculus.


Creative Exploration

Fingerpainting is Awesome

Apply the color in dots. Spread with your finger. Pink ones. Yellow ones. Blue ones. Peach ones. Monotones. What a great idea. The very thought of art is my happy place. Definitely going to rescan this flower.


Sometimes it is such a releaf to let go and see what happens. Always! Maybe you accidently dip in the wrong color but now you know that with the right colors you have an awesome idea. Since 100 ways, I have ideas for stems and colors. These will make great little drops of happy. An artist, @ettavee mentioned this in a recent workshop. Any of course I was like yes! This is what my art means to me. Some people write the great song I can’t stop signing and don’t want to. I paint. I could do this forever. I am. I will!

May has come and gone. June is a good time to launch creative bloom. I’ll be working on a color project. There’s an idea related to my wise trees. I use trees to talk about my love of people. I could do the same with color? Ok now I’ll go try the seamless pattern tutorial again.