Pink Love You Blooms

Shades of pink and orange blooms

I bought palette knives to mix paint with. Palette knives make great paint brushes. I was thinking about the peach blooms in my neighborhood. Let these blooms encourage you to create your best work. Your best work is already there but you have to practice and paint. Nature with her color and breeze always reminds us to listen and trust ourselves.

See it believe it Iridescent Bloom

Iridescent blue flower with the words see it and believe it

I was going to share a Bird of Paradise and I will but there’s this story. It’s a powerful don’t give up on your dreams story. There I was using up some leftover paint, The story, I felt it, Blue was the perfect color to express it. Copy paper instead of Watercolor paper didn’t even matter. I had an idea. I painted. I can’t wait to scan my bloom.

I have so many ideas. I’m working on a Creative Bloom course, a puzzle. I did some good writing for my color book. I’m dreaming and I believe in my dreams. I believe in you too.

Feel the breeze dance with ease

three peach yellow blooms with the words feel the breeze dance with ease.

Nature is such a confidence booster. Nature is such a creative booster. It was a hot summer day. I think I’ll go for a quick summer evening stroll. Let these blooms remind us to feel the breeze and dance with ease. We’re not worried about what they say because we’re too busy doing with we do.

I picked out my flat brush, mixed a few friendship tones and and it was exactly how I felt. I want and need more of this kind of painting. Ok now it’s time to go for a stroll.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

Show your work

“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.”

― Austin Kleon, Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get

Show your work is a great read. This post is all about showing your work. I love art. Art is how I live my life. I am a visionary artist. Art helps me see the beauty and love in everyone, most of the time. Yes I am human. I get hangry. Any way my birthday is September 6. I am going to be offering my books for free. Yay! Creative bloom is a great read. Different is Beautiful is too. Thank you so much for all of you who email me your kind words. You have given me and continue to inspire me to create my blooms of optimism. I create because of how it makes me feel. I go for walks and a sudden burst of color reminds me of love. I want to share this with you. Every day we are blooming. Thanks for subscribing!

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See you tomorrow. Or later?

Finger painting pink and yellow flowers

pink flowers using your fingers to blend color and make flowers

My favorite part of this project is that I made a mess. Oh that reminds me I need to clean up a splatter on the floor! Done. I was trying to paint cosmos and poppies with watercolor. I had my sketchbook but trying to replicate my own work doesn’t work either. As soon as I started finger painting I felt more relaxed. I just kept painting. That’s when the situation turned around. More on that tomorrow.

You will bloom

I had a beautiful flower. Had. I wanted to make it better? Instead of throwing out this sheet I painted over it.

Pick up a flat brush and squeeze a dot of a few tones and blend. I finished with pink watercolor. What a great idea! Was my initial flower a loss? Did I have to start over? No. Oh but I love blending. Sure I think about what colors to combine. It’s always a surprise. I simply paint. Trust the idea. Flirt with the idea. I keep writing these words. I have to.

Here’s to more flowers. I have more paint. In every mistake there is a beautiful lesson.

Let’s see:

  • adding pink watercolor at the top
  • practice is the wonderful journey
  • adding a little water to acrylic paint
  • take what didn’t work and make it work
  • question why you label a mistake a mistake
  • take a break to declutter your mind

Circles Make Good Flowers

reposting this from April and it’s a great reminder to always embrace your ideas. The more you the better.

Shapes are fun. Circles are easy to draw. No they don’t have to be perfect. Draw them with your left hand in various sizes. The choice is yours.

I leave you with an inspiring quote.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” – Jerzy Kosinski

Oh yeah I have lots of ideas. My next question is how do I learn creative writing and poetry. Reading and writing of course.

Don’t Try Just Paint

paint easy flowers with watercolor

Today’s Show Your Work chapter had profound words. I have read this book for the fourth time. I’m listening to podcasts. They are all about surrender. Ok so what are these words?


I’ll discover a new artist. Then think of how I can repaint it. For example last night it was Carrie Schmitt? Her color is beautiful. How she paired beautiful blooms with a peacock, awesome. How can I paint them? I could apply my favorite colors? Express how nature makes me feel. Stop trying to paint. Just paint. Pay attention to what inspires me. It could be fabric at Joanne’s or Top Shop’s window display. Flowers are a popular surface design.

The problem starts when I hold these ideas too close. I try an paint that way. That never works. EVER. For one I am me. I paint like me. I paint much better when I simply paint. Besides I have my own painitng skills. So I’ll stop painting like others, or feeling the need too. I leave out the pencil and paint.

Out of practice comes good

a reminder that practice helps you get better and brings the best ideas.

Did I paint this with my left hand? Yes. Sometimes practice feels endless and nowhere. You show up. You create. Sure you have fun. You make a mess. What to do with tones you mixed up? You have an idea. You go for it. Some days you paint a bunch of nothings. The next day your on fire. Then there are sporadic moments when you see a color, texture or a composition and you’re inspired to combine the ideas that didn’t work. Oh but when you’re about to throw it out you suddenly realize you can make it work. Yes out of practice comes good…