Expressive Flowers

About going through old work

Going through old work gives me clarity. I can clearly see play versus I want this to look right. I have blogged about this topic a number of times. Yet I find myself comparing and not being a true fan of my work. Yes, I love to paint. Yes, I am a natural born artist. We all are. I don’t mean that I should walk around with a crown but yes be proud of my work in that childlike manner. Children don’t have any clue about oh this is the best or it’ll make millions. Children are brilliant. They are simply curious and happy to paint! When you observe your work, you will catch yourself admiring like you would another artist’s work. You can constructively judge your work.

I painted the apple at least a few years ago, but the idea is right. This is the colorful, playful, be yourself artwork that I want more of.

With Love.


Expressive Flowers

Pink and Orange Let’s See Bloom

peach and orange collage bloom

Adding a little collage to the design makes it more interesting. it’s the simple let’s see what happens, moments that lead to great art.

The top part of the flower didn’t work so I cut a flower from a pink collage paper. I took a piece of copy paper and spread pink paint all over it. Then I sprinkled and splattered orange paint over the pink because everybody needs a little cheer.

Creative Exploration

Last Work of 2021

Stickers ( soon to be added to Redbubble

What’s with all these 2021 posts? I’m grateful. I had fun. Yet there’s much more I want to do. I miss the days of lockdown. I worked on art all day. Yes I missed certain classrooms but in the grand scheme of things I love being at home. I welcome and want more of that this year.

More artwork

Ideas to build on!

A big goal for the year was to diversify my income. I wanted to open up a shopify store. That didn’t happen. I wanted to learn how to promote my book, relearn marketing and branding. I am still working on this. I took courses on branding and graphic design.

Here’s to brighter, bolder art that speaks of greatness. I’m on my way. I need to put together the first teaser of my color book…

heigh-ho heigh-ho it’s off to work we go!