Expressive Flowers

You Help Me Orange Collage Flower

Orange strokes collage flower with a blue background and quote

Who would have thought that using scrap paper could create lovely texture? Morgan did and I thank her. I have a collection of objects but paper isn’t one of them. Using paper to create texture, is as much fun as stamping with a candle lid. You stamp, mix and blend. You don’t know what will happen until the paint dries. Oh, that reminds me, I want to paint more ornament flowers.

7 pink and orange ornament flowers

I can’t get over the texture and color. Art and nature always help me navigate through negative thoughts. Art satisfies my curiosity. To paint this flower I applied color. I did a few sprays with a water bottle. I added more color. I flickered drops of blue and green. I used the piece of paper to stamp over the wet paint. And I painted on thin mixed-media paper. The more I experiment the better my art gets.



Expressive Flowers

What did you dream blue blooms

orange and pink painted background with quote inside blue flowers

I used to have these dreams of flying among the city lights. No cars. No noise. No right. No wrong. Just me, the moon, and the stars.

This weekend I painted three or four colorful abstract backgrounds. I have tons of flowers with white backgrounds.

In between these pages will be full page color. I want more color in the book. This book already makes me happy. I was asked an important question. What dream are you working on? This book is my dream. It’s a book filled with strokes of color and colorful thoughts.



Expressive Flowers

Pretty in Fall

Fall flowers in all shades of orange with a little pink

Doesn’t this color palette hug you, making you smile? My warm browns and oranges are pretty. I’m ready for fall. It’s been 100 degrees of humid weather. I’m ready for sweaters, boots and flowers. Ok, so I want pumpkin pie on the list. I can have hot tea again. I love tea, I should build a project for tea lovers. The coffee art prints and t-shirts are cute but I’m a tea drinker.

Back to my pretty in fall flowers. Painting these blooms brought me joy. What colors did I begin with?

Pink is one of my favorite colors to paint with. Pink is the color of frienship. It’s sweet. I don’t like the typical fall colors so I wanted to add a little pink. My yellow ended up looking like mustard. That’s fine. I used the yellow to paint flowers. The yellow helped warm up my orange and pink tones. I did mix in a redish-brown color with the yellow. It was beautiful.

Here’s to a good week! I’m going to go gather my to-do list. Thank you for reading!



Expressive Flowers

Blue Wildflowers

This week I went through all the artwork in my journal. I started scanning. I’ve been getting to know my paint. For instance, this blue is one of the first blues I purchased. It’s a Royal & Langnickel Primary Blue. I was almost going to throw it out. There’s not much paint left but it’s enough to practice and play. Oh, I think I’ll use the blue for a handprint classroom activity.

Speaking of play, I have painted paper roll flowers.

Lots of them. Using a paper roll to create a stencil was not exactly my idea. The shape was my idea. Now I have these wildflowers. Wildflowers? Wild and free with heart and all the love that breezes and blooms everything is possible. I am possible. I think wildflowers is a great name for the poem expressive of a classroom painting session. I shall write. What a wonderful idea!

Aren’t all of the flowers I paint wildflowers. Yes. Wildflowers should be in the name of my new book project. I paint to be wildly free. Wildly free sounds flirty and fun. In every project you are brighter and bolder, wildly free. Love it!

Creatively Hue is blooming! Thank you to all the new readers. Thank you to the ones who’ve been fans.



Expressive Flowers

Flowers we need you all!

The world needs me. The world needs you. There is a reason for us all. Let’s keep painting. Let’s keep creating. There is plenty of love for everyone!

I hope you are creating with me. Please email me or tag me on Instagram. Follow me on Pinterest. I am working on filming little process and inspirational videos for my work. Those videos will be on Pinterest. Do I know how to film? Not a clue but I want to share my art. There are many more flowers and textures to paint. I’ve been painting textures. I’m excited to share it all. I have so much to say.



Expressive Flowers

I surrender to my spirit

To all the doodles

To all the ideas

like the artist who hand letters with noodles

To the moon and the stars

To the trees that breathe, it is in the cards

I am in the cards

To the birds and their song

To EVERYTHING in nature that just belongs

I surrender.

The greatest gift that art has given me is spirituality.

Expressive Flowers

About going through old work

Going through old work gives me clarity. I can clearly see play versus I want this to look right. I have blogged about this topic a number of times. Yet I find myself comparing and not being a true fan of my work. Yes, I love to paint. Yes, I am a natural born artist. We all are. I don’t mean that I should walk around with a crown but yes be proud of my work in that childlike manner. Children don’t have any clue about oh this is the best or it’ll make millions. Children are brilliant. They are simply curious and happy to paint! When you observe your work, you will catch yourself admiring like you would another artist’s work. You can constructively judge your work.

I painted the apple at least a few years ago, but the idea is right. This is the colorful, playful, be yourself artwork that I want more of.

With Love.


Expressive Flowers

Pink and Orange Let’s See Bloom

peach and orange collage bloom

Adding a little collage to the design makes it more interesting. it’s the simple let’s see what happens, moments that lead to great art.

The top part of the flower didn’t work so I cut a flower from a pink collage paper. I took a piece of copy paper and spread pink paint all over it. Then I sprinkled and splattered orange paint over the pink because everybody needs a little cheer.

Creative Exploration

Last Work of 2021

Stickers ( soon to be added to Redbubble

What’s with all these 2021 posts? I’m grateful. I had fun. Yet there’s much more I want to do. I miss the days of lockdown. I worked on art all day. Yes I missed certain classrooms but in the grand scheme of things I love being at home. I welcome and want more of that this year.

More artwork

Ideas to build on!

A big goal for the year was to diversify my income. I wanted to open up a shopify store. That didn’t happen. I wanted to learn how to promote my book, relearn marketing and branding. I am still working on this. I took courses on branding and graphic design.

Here’s to brighter, bolder art that speaks of greatness. I’m on my way. I need to put together the first teaser of my color book…

heigh-ho heigh-ho it’s off to work we go!