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What did I learn this year?

I’ve been asking this question, all the time, every day but these last weeks of 2020 even more. Being at home has given me the time to work on my art.

I don’t have this planned out but was inspired by another artist’s year in review. Here goes.

What have I done more of since I now have free time?

I have taken courses in design, branding and painting. I’ve been reading. I love to read. I do read blogs and magazines but this year I read a few favorites and found new treasures like Learning By Heart. What a great book! This book really teaches you to observe and play. I have been attending events on finance, business and creativity of course. I actually created a personal income sheet with projected income sources and making money online can be a realisitic goal. I’m not asking for millions or even six figures. Some claim to have that. I don’t aspire to this but I welcome it with open arms. Oh. I discovered that my interests are popular on pinterest. I have built up my boards and have an almost 80,000 views. I still have much to learn. The numbers have changed because I changed my name and that changed the links…


Keep Making. Not everything you make has to go into the shop. Create and keep on making. Focus on what I’m good at. Do stop and reflect.

Let Go I’ve been going outside to look at the moon and stars. Meditation is something I am learning. It works.

Observe: I started observing my behavior and learning to have better thoughts. I went for a walk one day and my shadow reminded me of Pooh Bear’s you’re stronger and braver than you know. I want more quiet time.


All of them really. Different is Beautiful is important. This book is a celebration of what it means to be weird,different, unique, amazing… what better way to show this than with animals. Humans too! That’s where a celebration of us comes in. One hundred ways to flower with power stems from these ideas too. Oh how can I forget you are loved. Once I’m done writing, I’ll go read the book.


I have a more solid direction. Creatively Hue is a good name. I’ve created financial statements. I have an editorial calendar. Pinterst is the one platform I want to use to promote my ideas and work. I know how to breath. I want to start selling so the first task was close my society 6 shop. Yes I closed my shop. I’m working on a new shop. I like and am good at the loose watercolor-minimal-detail-colorful and inspiring art. I am great with flowers. I want to do more of the brilliance I see on the windows and walls of Anthropologie. I had my first try at designing T-shirts.


I don’t have all the answers. I was always curious about Star Wars but this was the year I became a fan. I need the force. May the fore be with you this year. Keep Making. It’s more like keep going. I thank the universe, the almighty that’s bigger than us, the FORCE for making it through this year healthy and happy. I have everything I need and a little more. This isn’t to say that there were no struggles. Ha! There absolutely were but each day, each time I have learned to embrace/connect with these truths and learn. Ok I had a few tantrums. I am learning new truths. I’m growing.

What was your year like?

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