Creative Exploration

Use The Tools You Have

I like this tool. definitely a keeper. Good paint mixter too.

Today’s lesson began with the work in progress pile.

There are three piles.

  • I’m excited
  • work in progress,
  • good.

There is a fourth pile. It’s in the trash.

Before vs. After

When I paint with good paper it’s usually for the excited pile. I am loving copy paper. I never thought to use it for exploration. Wow, it’s so free.

I can see the beautful differnece between the copy paper and the vision paper. Copy paper surprises me too. For the remainder of the week I’ll be sharing all the thumbprint. and finger printing flowers. I still have a few more ideas for tomorrow.

I’m glad my palette was happy today. I’m happiest when I create.

To creaate your own flowers you can use a sponge/foam brush. Remove the sponge. Next week I’ll be using the sponge part. You could use a fork handle or a plastic knife. So many ways. That’s the point!

Creative Exploration

Let go

Everything I thought I knew about art? Let it go. Not exactly. Only the nonsense.

I always thought I needed permission because I didn’t go to art school. I didn’t create genius drawings at the age of 5. My always observing and asking why, love of color and poetic thoughts are why I AM AN ARTIST AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Today I let go with dots. These are my stampers.

A flower that symbolizes land and water? A dot flower with the feel of a kid who proudly drew because she wanted to. Seems like a good flower for a let the kid play idea. The third has this let go vibe. Go for a walk. Let the wind in your hair. Allow it to take away all the doubt and nonsense.

I want to paint the dot flower again. Think about the color. I plan to create and create. Once I have 100s of ideas I’ll go over them and let even more ideas emerge. What happens if I apply the paint in a series of dots and then smudge? Interesting how letting go and creating leads me right to the ideas I very much think about.

I believe I have found something good. Really good!

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