Paint Your Vision

A drop of neon pink. A drop of red. A slightly smaller drop of green. Add a touch of white until you create the right pink. Now I have a flower that represent my vision. I have a flower that makes me want to paint more flowers.

The idea was first painted in a peachy read tone. Pink seems a better choice.

Pink reminds me of the flowers I observed. No petals were idential. Leaves had different shapes. Then it hit me. Why do I try and paint each petal with the same shape?

Mosaic Fish

The park in Barcelona is a beautiful wonder. There’s something about painting each shape. You have to have patience. How it dries and the effect it leaves is all up to the water.

As for the color, it’s all complementary. Mixing a drop of green with a magenta makes lovely shades of pink. Having a size two brush helps.

I didn’t have a plan. All I wanted was happy tones and let the shapes find themselves. Fish are another world of curiosity. No two fish are alike, much like us.

Painting with white space helps me slow down. Not bad for a student grade pan set. I can paint all day like this! I will. Paint patterns and textures of the world while I write for 100 ways to flower with power? Sounds marvelous. I still want to paint flowers. I will.

What do you like to paint? Please share it on instagram or email me. These days I feel like a kid in a candy store. I find such peace in painting, that is until perfection shows up. I find myself asking everyone around me if they like to paint. I hope everyone has something that makes them feel the way I do when I paint.

Note to Self

…just a good time to read this.

Make a Wish. Now Make It Happen.

Now this is what I like to paint. Flowers and leaves are beautiful. Last week I went out for a walk to observe leaves. Today it’s going to be flowers.

I’m trying to work on lines and blending. Tomorrow I think I want to paint on a full sheet of paper.

Today’s practice leaves me with two ideas. The flower on the left is a reminder to take care of each other. The Dandelions on the right are a reminder to have your wish but go out there and make it happen one step at a time.

Ok time to clean up and go for a walk. Oh right, I need to start writing when I get back.


Filled up the palette and I’m ready to paint textures and patterns of the world! I tried mixing up a deep green and brown. I ordered them. I want to get more blues. These tubes have been collected over a few years. I was about to purchase another student grade palette for the metal tin but I want to use these colors.

I can’t wait to test out these colors. I like that I have Cotman and professional colors. I was going to spend more time practicing and I will. It’s time to get mixing. It’s time to paint. This year is all about making. There are no mistakes. Only make.

Maybe I’ll paint a Peruvian rug?

Go for a walk…

with the intention of observing the trees, colors or leaves. LEAVES. Some are curvy. Some are skinny. Some are long. Some are tiny. Some are pointy. Others are round. And there’s heart shaped ones. Some are wide. Some are big. Each one brought me peace. Do I have another book idea here? Yes I can do this.

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a year with more observing and making!

Favorite Design of The Year

I say this is the key to a successful day and a whole new year! I didn’t plan for this collage idea. I do create butterflies. There’s a bucnh of them in my book. I had listened to an inspiring podcast/video blog. I had all these leftover scraps and an urge to create. I have plans. I am working on an editorial calendar. It’s going to be a great year!

Thank you for reading and subscribing! Here’s to all the projects to come!

Night Skies In Payne’s Gray

Night skies are a wonderful companion. I have trouble finding the right deep blue. Payne’s Gray is such a lovely tone. I’ve been drawing lots of stars. Transitioning from one color to the next is another skill I want to improve. Mixing Payne’s gray with a Prussian blue is another lovely tone. I want to paint the beautiful Peter Pan ride skies filled with yellow stars. The moon has been so beautiful these last nights of 2020.

I am practicing with student grade paint on ok paper. Highly pigmented blues are a must. The blues in my student pan set are transparent to begin with. I need a high pigmented opache color. Sure I can add water but then the color changes. Canson XL is low cost good paper but not for heavy washes. I want to test my higher quailty paint.

Ok, so all those terrible night skies I painted aren’t exactly my fault. Here’s to more practice. I should look up a few videos. I’m already there.

Little Strips For Practicing Watercolor

Now is a good time to review your work. The end of the week, month or year is a good time to review work. I had a stack of work and intended to paint around painted sections. BUT I like painting on small strips of paper. It feels easier to paint small strips to practice lines or layering. Having a black page in front of me, compels me to paint ideas. The problem is I want to paint fast and painting takes time. Lately I’ve been rushing through with the need to share my work and then mistakes happen. No they are’t happy mistakes. These little strips of paper help me focus and take time.

Last night I went through a stack of watercolor paper and cut strips. In each one I will practice drawing shapes, lines, washes, layering, salt, night and galaxy skies. When I started painting I did what kids do. I just picked up a brush and painted. I was a kid. There’s something about the water and how it dries that captivates me. I am a creative and painting is what I do. Right now I want to practice the fundamentals and be ready when I get back into the culture project.

The tools I am using for practice are as follows:

canson xl paper ( not sure why it’s expensive on Amazon but I buy it at Walmart for $7)

sennelier student grade watercolors


Would you like to learn more about the Sennelier pan set? I will be creating a new pan set with my pofessional grade watercolor tubes.

As always thanks for reading. I do enjoy writing.