Having a my art isn’t good enough moment

I painted this bloom days maybe weeks ago. The softness of the pink with the green especially in the small leaf is a beautiful contrast. And yet I felt I had to add more, a darker pink? I didnt care for the way the pink bleneded but the color yes it takes my breathe away. You can’t see it here but holding it in my hand…why did I feel the need for more. I suppose in some way I was having a my art isn’t good enough moment.

My blooms aren’t realistic or the most beautiful, the color and how they make me feel, that’s my why. Even the other day I was walking among artwork, an exhimit featured art teachers from a local school district. It was again breathetakingly beautiful. I don’t know why the artist created these artworks. It was the thrill of sitting there with an image of the artist air spraying, or wheel throwing deep in their work that capitivated me.

Then I thought about my work. I love LOVE getting lost in my tools. I swirl a brush and a beautiful bloom appears. I think it’s all simple! How could my beaties be art and hung on the wall next to these or in any exhibit for that matter. You know what they can!

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Have a good day. I’ve got to go work on the color book.

Colorful Leaves for the book? Yes

colorful fall leaves
colorful fall leaves

Talk about color! I love it when there you are walking along, your day, taking it all in and you see leaves. Yes, leaves in such amazing beautiful color. Thank you nature! I totally have to add these to the book. The way these leaves fell off the tree. Nature you are my beloved art teacher. You are teacher of all things. It’s going to be fun creating this texture page. Creating these textures will be good to wrap up my year in thoughts and to prepare for my new course.

It’s a colorful world collage bloom

olorful collage flower

Not bad for a few scraps of collage paper. It’s how you put scraps together, that’s how you bloom.

In case you’re wondering, yes I added this bloom to the shop.

Love this new pink acrylic paint

I was painting blooms and thinking spring. Today is cold and winter is almost near. I’ll sit in thought and dream of spring as I glue, paint or write.

Oh but there are many of full mooms in the winter. There are breezy cold days just right for blankets and hot cocoa. The sun shines so your nose won’t freeze. Oh my every season has its beauty! I have so many blooms to paint and a book to finish!

This weekend I’ll put together the ebook layout, the first rough draft. I may share it sooner than you think.

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Feeling Free Bloom

Painting dots is relaxing. Here I used a paper roll to stamp the flower petals. You can see some of the texture in the light blue. The stigma was done with yellow ochre watercolor. The outline was made by stamping dots with the top of a paint brush. The blue with the yellow ochre is amazing. Some time ago I shared my blog with a co-worker. Her words, I love your use of color, made my day! My yellow and blue made me think of her.

I love trying techniques. I love mixing color. There is a thrill in leaving everything up to chance. You never know what will happen. In making this bloom I had amazing texture. I used a flat brush to further paint the petals. It was all good. I was happy but the bloom wasn’t finished. I added more petals with a darker blue. I almost threw it away. Why did I cover up the lovely texture? I kept painting. What a roller coaster ride! Oh my I almost forgot the orange and burt sienna dots in the center. Thank goodness I had the idea to blend the color together with yellow ochre.

Blooming in pink hand prints

Last night I was thinking back to when I started painting flowers. It all started with Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit. This book has changed the wait I paint. I still hold onto the photo or an artist who says I must capture the shadow. That’s what probably happened to the blooms underneath the ceramic plate. Ha. In other words, that’s never a good place to be. The whole point of learning is that it opens the door to anythng is possible. You can stamp paint with a clenched hand.

Hand painting was part of the 100 ways to paint flowers. All of these blooms led to Creative Bloom. By now I’ve probaby painted over 500 blooms. My color palette has improved. My portfolio is growing, which means good work. The idea behind Creative Bloom and all of the flowers I paint is about freeing the creative spirit. Your creative spirit is what helps your mind and mindfulness is everything. Creative spirit helps you imagine, overcome obstacles, and just live, live as you were born to be.

How do you free that creative spirit like a Stallion riding in the wind? You paint with your hands.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on creativity, occasional poetry and my soon to be color book.

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