One project many skills

I’m curious. Are you enjoying the flowers? Have you painted flowers? I’d love to see your flower paintings? Tag me on Instagram @creatively.hue. These yellow florals were painted with a small spounge. I like trying odd objects and discovering textures or new techniques. It makes for interesting art. Blending color with a chopstick is interesting.

I have more flowers to share and am having a good time putting the book together. It’s a lot of work. Glad I am planning a few fun painting activities next week.

I am learning new skills. This is my first book with Affinity Publisher. This software is similar to Indesign, so I hear. Time will tell. I have experience with Photoshop and Affinity Photo is a good alternative. My editing is minimum.

Now I’ll go add a new floral design to my shop. Thanks to all the new subscribers.

Enjoy your weekend.

Every miss brings new life

The color scheme was all wrong but I like this! It’s going to make a great book cover.


  • monochromatic tones
  • peach
  • emerald green
  • pinks
  • where can I find a cube?

Ok I’ll work on some sketches this weekend. Next week I’ll be working on book covers. The book design and layout is going to take more time. I have time. Right now I am going through all of the flowers–have been for days. At first glance the flowers aren’t that good but it’s the ideas that keep me going. The more I look the more I realize that sometimes the ideas are hidden behind ugly color.

How creating leads to ideas

I like the blue flowers but still not sure about orange round shapes. The centers should have been blue? My self made font? Not so good either. I’m stuck on handwriting my words. At least I know what I want to change. I have yet to take out all of my flowers, observe them and take a photo. Or a video?

Interestingly the blue florals on the left are beautiful No intention. I was living in the moment. I had an idea I implemented it. Sure I’ve created lots more eraser flowers. Oh rght. Maybe the color was wrong. Paint was too thick. But I have ideas.

Maybe I could stamp with a lego peice or a similar wood cube? More erasers? Smother cuts. Brayer.

Okay time to add a few notes to the flower writing and go for a walk.

It’s the Simple that’s Beautiful

Copy paper. index finger. Mixed up a sun kissed yellow. Sure I see the oddball greenish petal. I could prpbably fix that. I will. Still this flower is one of my favorite flowers. Not that this is my best work but the road to best work comes from exploring ideas. You need to not take yourself so seriously to keep making. What better way to relax than with a technique we used as kids. If anythng you learn that your best ideas come from the simplest ideas. They often do. AND in the process you learn to digitize and digitizing leads to other ideas.

Hope you are enjoying all of these cool flowers. I can’t wait to put them all in a book and turn the pages. I look forward to sharing a free ebook edition of the book. I want feedback before I go ahead with the paperback. More on that very soon. Subscribe if you haven’t.

My next step with this journal is to create flowers and patterns. I have already begun adding new art to the shop.

Dear You

Today was a good writing day for the book. There’s a letter I want to include. I am undecided as there are many edits to go.

Dear You,

You are much more than you give yourself credit for. Get started on a project. You have an idea and questions. Answer them as you go. The importance is you keep making art. Stop every now and then for quiet reflection time. Realize that in every project you will have many questionable pieces. Maybe ugly ones.  Why? Forget about the self-help that tells you are a work in progress.  You are a beautiful life force connected to the bigger force.  You are loved. Keep going and observe. In the end you will be closer to your best work. Not everything you make will make it in the shop. Everything you make comes with a valuable lesson.  That’s where the growth is. Let your voice be heard. Some may not like what you have to say and that’s ok. Know that there are artists who are ready to pass down their motivational wisdoms. Some of which are mentioned in the book.

Simple Objects Make Beautiful Flowers

Easy florals. The best ideas come from the simplest of places. The magenta pinks look like Pomegranate seeds. I’ll have to remember that one. There are tons of ideas. It is all up to your imagination. I was in a Kate Spade store one afternoon. A simple floral pattern dress gave me this reminder.

What kinds of flowers do you like to draw? What do you draw? Keep making art.

Just You Making Art is Messy

What a mess but I see the wrongs. I did keep working on this and the blue version is beautiful. I have added a few details with a colored pencil so the finished flower is even more beautiful! The stigma was made with a toothpick. Or was it a chopctick? The point is to combine tools and techniques and make it work.

blue flower

Sure painting with my palms was crazy and weird but it works. The pink and orange color scheme is, well I’ll add that to my color project. Beautiful. Every mess has it’s beauty. That’s what I wrote about for the book today. The book is going well. I have a short time but the deadline will be met.

Subscribe if you haven’t. The book will be available in ebook format very soon., for free.