Have I posted the Peacock?

Looking at the color and texture makes me smile. I need to finish editing the book. Monday I’ll post some of my favorite collage animals. Eric Carle inspired this crazy idea to fill a book with collage animals and create a story for them. I feel like I haven’t created much these days. The hardest part of writing a book has to be editing. You have this idea that keeps you motivated. You imagine the reader feeling what you feel. Little by little you write and create. One day you have a story. The next you have to figure out what to keep and what to let go.

I thought I had a good layout. Now I must go back and rearragne the last part of the book. Then there’s the language. Who was I writing this story for? How do I find the write words? I understand that this could make or break a story. I wrote this story for those who question their purpose. I wrote this story for those who dwell on acceptance or permissiom. I wrote this story for me. I wrote this story for you.

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Have a good weekend!

Painting & Practice

Not the post I had in mind b3cause this is even better. For a while, I’ve been wanting to paint nature’s heart shapes. I feel as thought these hearts have always told me,”No matter what, love is here.”

I love nature and naturaly I use lots of blue and green tones. Last nght I painted. The color mixing was great but the flowers and butterfly, not so good. That’s ok because I painted a beautiful flower the day before.

And then I realized…I’m good with mixing color! I enjoy working with watercolor. Watercolor is so free flowing. You can create many tones with one hue. I love transparencies but the vibrancy of an opaque pink and green like the flowers on the left…amazing.

What brings all of this up? I’m taking this watercolor + Gouache+ Acrylic with Ana Victoria Calderon. Gouache is much like acrylic but it works like watercolor. I really like acrylic but sometimes it dries up to fast. Where am I going with all this? I may have discovered how to improve my paintings. I’m not good with painting realisim but I believe color is my talent.

In the coming weeks I will contiune to explore all of these paints and practice. Practice helps you come into your style. I get that now. I have a way to go. I’m soon arriving! I saved tons of heart shapes found in nature. I’II be painting and exploring. The best part is I can use these paintings for my next book, LOVE.

Still working on edits and layout for Different Is Beatiful. The lauch date is April 21. Happy Friday! Thanls for reading! I’d love to see what you are working on? tag me on instagram @hellomireya

Edits for the book

I’m changing the name from weird is beautiful to different is beautiful. So yesterday I had the house to myself. I painted. I painted lots of textures. The video is posted on my Instagram @hellomireya. I’m not a YouTuber but I’d like to do more videos on Instagram.

My favorite textures are the ones I just mix up with color. I like just applying the drops of paint. Then using a wide brush to blend. The beauty is in knowing how to blend the right color combination.

Oh and I’m looking at animals. There’s so many to choose from. I’ll just create. No need to be realistic.

One final truth is acceptance. I never realized how beautiful this word is. I accept that I want to keep creating. I accept that I haven’t been dedicated as I should be. I accept that I am a talent and a force to be reckoned with. This part of me is slightly hiding. Hiding. Got to think more on this…

Animal Sketches + Blending Techniques

I finally started writing today. I have a great starting point. I’ve been painting animals and experimenting with colored pencils.

Yes I’m using Crayola and they’re great for practice. I have found these inktense soft pencils. They’re on my Christmas list. My creative exploration class is about experimentation and finding your style. This class is helping me open up and explore until I find my way… the way Wise Animals needs be illustrated.

I came across blending techniques with pencils. I’ve been sketching animals ever since.

Blending makes pencil drawings look smoth and enhances color. Here’s the video that inspired me. I’ve been doing a lot of creating and it feels good. What are you working on? You can tag me on instagram @hellomireya