My favorite project is Different Is Beautiful. This book was inspired by my childhood curiosity.

What projects am I currently excited about?

  • Wildflower Thoughts Paper Collage Book
  • A finger painting flower book (doing life with you)
  • Roses-a friendship book for the soul


The best tool in your toolbox is you

It is easy to get caught up in Sennelier but fancy tools aren’t required. There’s an artist who uses black markers on a white canvas. The best songs were written on a napkin in a diner alongside a road in a small town. In the words of that famous song, “Use what you got, because what you got is a lot.”

I have a Pinterest board filled with some of my favorite tools here.


I love walking down the paint section and letting color choose me. I use color to express my mind, soul, and spirit. The three primaries in my palette are magenta, turquoise and yellow.


Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit (The best art book I’ve ever read)

Wonderful runners up.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Ana Victoria Calderon has four art books. She’s a visionary watercolor and mixed media artist. Her ideas are easy and wonderful.

Radical Typography Skillshare course with James Victore. I took this course in my lettering days but James is amazing at encouraging artists to break free and be themselves because all it takes is to believe in your work.

Shantell Martin’s course is another game changer. Her work teaches me that all ideas are possible. She’s the artist who uses a black marker on a white surface.

I believe in my work. My books will inspire you.