Expressive Flowers

Life Is A Fiesta- Paper Flowers

colorful paper collage flowers
art print avilable

Step out

In your color, in your dress no doubt

Knock on the door without your face to the floor

Greet with a smile

Choose to listen to whoever for a while

Move to the beat

Be merry and eat


you can be fashinably late.

Sit and wonder about your fate.

Did you wear the right dress?

Should you eat that slice of cake?

What if?

Ooh I like this song

But I don’t feel like I belong

I can’t dance.

Know you are always invited

Your light is undisputed

You choose

If you truly don’t like the fiesta you’ve been invited to,

Host your own fiesta, just know there’ll be lots to do.

I do like to express my thoughts in poems. Working on the collage flowers and the life is a fiesta sticker was good too. I’ve been seeing colorful Hispanic Heritage displays and merchandise. I was motivated to create something. I am proud of my Mexican Heritage.



Wait a minute, would you like this poem in art print form? I think I like it.

Expressive Flowers

Doodle With You Collage Flowers

I have been getting my shop ready for holiday shoppers. What I really want is to clarify what I’m painting and why?

I paint because of how it makes me feel. It’s my self-love and meditation. I’ve been going through my artwork. I’m signing my art with my name instead of Creatively Hue. I sign my posts with Siempre Mireya and likewise for my art. I got rid of art that was questionable right from the start. You know the moment when you finish your work? And the finished art doesn’t look like the beauty you imagined. Either one of two thoughts happens. The artwork is better than imagined. Or the artwork is lacking. I share the lacking work because maybe it’s me. Maybe I am stuck on expectations instead of letting the artwork be what it’s going to be.

For these blooms and the collage book these flowers will be part of, doodle with you!

The collage course is still happeing. I’m thinking March 2023?

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Expressive Flowers

In a Blue Moon Sunflower

Interesting story. I wasn’t sure where this was going. I started painting and the circle made me think of the moon.

Blue sunflower painted with various shades of blue

I worked with one shade of blue. It was too light. Then the color was too dark. I blended and lifted color with a brush. Out of nowhere, I had a glow. It’s a glowing moon. I kept mixing various blues. I kept painting and uttering motivational words. Keep working. Keep mixing. It will be good. If not, it’s practice.

I added a little orange to my green because orange is complementary to blue. This is confidence for the Hispanic Heritage paper flowers I want to paint. I want to explore warm blue tones. I love the idea of using color to express emotions. Blue makes me think of George Michael’s song lyrics: “I gotta have faith.” And to paint your best work, you have to have faith right? Faith in yourself allows you to be free.

Posting three days a week is working out well! I am able to have fun reflecting on my process.



Expressive Flowers

Pretty in Fall

Fall flowers in all shades of orange with a little pink

Doesn’t this color palette hug you, making you smile? My warm browns and oranges are pretty. I’m ready for fall. It’s been 100 degrees of humid weather. I’m ready for sweaters, boots and flowers. Ok, so I want pumpkin pie on the list. I can have hot tea again. I love tea, I should build a project for tea lovers. The coffee art prints and t-shirts are cute but I’m a tea drinker.

Back to my pretty in fall flowers. Painting these blooms brought me joy. What colors did I begin with?

Pink is one of my favorite colors to paint with. Pink is the color of frienship. It’s sweet. I don’t like the typical fall colors so I wanted to add a little pink. My yellow ended up looking like mustard. That’s fine. I used the yellow to paint flowers. The yellow helped warm up my orange and pink tones. I did mix in a redish-brown color with the yellow. It was beautiful.

Here’s to a good week! I’m going to go gather my to-do list. Thank you for reading!



Expressive Flowers

A Burst of Sunshine Collage Flower

a yellow center with shades of pink and orange petals flower

You’re a star and you shine. The morning after it rains, the skies are clean. At the first glimpse of sunshine you are in love. Oh and I sat letting the ideas live, for hours, for days. These are my bursts of sunshine. Now about those bursts of sunshine?

Ideas are always here. Love is always here. We are free but we allow ourselves to think we are not. My art is my time. I get to confront and release what has happened during the week, and sometimes prepare for what’s to come. Really it’s right here right now, this is you, everything else is noise. I get to work on my creative spirit. Your creative spirit is your imagination and curiosity. Your creative spirit has everything it needs to be brave, weird, different, and beautifully you.

I’ve been painting and thinking. I painted many Anthropologie display collage flowers. I need a new name for my flowers. I am working on an idea pin video for pinterest. More on that for tomorrow’s post.

Anyway, it has been nice! I love to paint. I have a day job but oh my, I want to create full time. Hearing you say that my artwork brings you joy, well that motivates me too!

Love source collage flower

I made a few changes to the website. I guess my plan is I don’t need fancy, I just want to be me.

Do you see how art projects turn into philosophy sessions? Thank goodness. I should come up with a list of fall flowers to paint? The weather is feeling like fall. I’ll go for a walk and capture it all.



Expressive Flowers

Orange Sunflowers

pink and orange sunflower

Orange you lovely! We’re all lovely, when we allow ourselves to bloom. I keep going back to my creative block episode. It’s literally paint, let yourself go. There are times when I’m not sure what to paint. I have to remind myself that it’s good not having a plan. It’s art. I don’t have to have a plan. The best ideas happen when I follow ideas without doubt. I get out my supplies. I start mixing paint. I get an idea and another and the ideas usually keep coming. At the end of the session I either had a good warm-up or something great. Both.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.”

Helen Keller

Sunflowers aren’t one of my favorite flowers but I do like the big petals and the heart shaped leaves. The yellow ones warm me like the sun. Maybe I like sunflowers more than I thought? Blue sunflowers are beautiful too! I’ll paint a blue sunflower. A little lunch time collage? Let’s

Here’s a few more flowers inspired by sunflowers.

I want to paint a blue sunflower. A pink sunflower? I did attempt a pattern. The flowers are beautiful but not the sunflowers I planned on. Like I said, not having a plan can work. Joyful exploration!

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Expressive Flowers

Now that’s a Sunflower!

Peach and Pink Petal Collage Sunflower

Today I had a wonderful day! We can always have a good day right? Carrie posted beautiful blooms with the caption joyful exploration. Joyful Exploration! That is exactly what happened today. Joyful exploration is where my best work happens. I painted a few sunflowers, a field of blue flowers, added a smile is free collage flowers to my collection, and worked on sketches for a logo. I feel like Mireya got her groove back.

Did I really have creative block? No. I always have ideas. My mind is filled wth beautiful blooms. The problem is I become the experiences I am experiencing instead of proactively asking what does this have to do with me? I should always choose love.

Wait, the blue green paper I just painted will be a better match. That’s what I love about collage. You can layer new color. Here’s to painting more collage flowers and possibly a mermaid with flower hair. A mosic tail? Why not. I’m working on pinterest video tutorials to help me preprare for my creative exploration course.

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Expressive Flowers

Sunflowers you make me happy!

There I was painting sunflowers. I had Cat Coq’s sunflower tutorial on my mind. I’m ready for fall. Sunflowers are trending. I want good work for the shop. I kept painting and referencing photos. This technique never works because I obsess over details. I was about to call it a day when pink sunflowers popped into my head. Pink and peach express how nature makes me feel. At that moment I knew I needed to paint and let my flowers bloom. Then I thought about the rainbow watercolor art print. The lines in between colors were uneven but the neutral colors and the Maya Angelou quote, beautiful!

I’m going to paint more sunflowers this week. All these sunflowers gave me the confidence to design a logo for my website but that’s another post. Here’s to painting like you mean it, painitng with your heart. Wait till you see my pink and orange collage sunflower!



Expressive Flowers

Do I Have Creative Block?

I think I do.

It feels like I’ve been painting with no particular place to go. I haven’t painted anything for the shop. I was working on sunflowers. The color and the brush were all wrong but I did practice with my cat’s tongue brush. Then I did some research. I checked out the what’s popular section on society 6. Morgan Harper Nichols has beautiful brush strokes. I saw flowers in bright yellows, oranges, and greens. I checked out Anthropologie. I saw the same abstract expressive work. Many artists inspire me. It’s the color, textures, and ideas that make me realize, I too have a song to sing. We all do.

Then I read this doodlewash post and the words watercolor captures my soul captured me. A lightbulb went on. I’ve been stuck. I’ve been unlike the child who explores mixing color just to see what happens. I’ve been going through the motions. Let this post be a reminder that I need to get back to my curiosity. I have seen the work that comes from this place, my place. It’s good!

Expressive Flowers

Be different. Be brave.

Be different be brave collage flower

Yes I keep thinking about our painting adventures. The book All Are Welcome is a fabulous read. It’s right there with Just Ask. These words are indeed from the pages of Just Ask. Oh wait a minute I wrote a book on this very subject too. It’s called Different Is Beautiful.

If you really take time to enjoy nature. You’ll realize how magical it is. Oh and you and I are part of it. It isn’t radical or outrageous. It simply is. Peach roses. Yellow Butterflies. Trees and all their breeze. The firefly squid shores of Japan. I think of all this and I fall in love all over again!

And so I paint what I feel and what I see.