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Valentine’s Day Countdown (Day 2)

I always come back to this tree. It was made with leftover hearts meant for cards and wreaths. There was a trunk and branches that needed leaves. One of the best ideas we ever had. To think all I had to do was be quiet and let the kid paint.

Paint a tree of love. It could be as simple as painting some hearts, cutting them out, punch a hole on top of each heart, add string, write a message of love and hang it on a tree. A Valentine’s Day wishing tree? Didn’t I paint a wishing tree? I should write a love book. My next book is a few of my favorite things.

Creative Exploration

Valentine’s Day Countdown (Day 1)

Paint pink textures. This would make a lovely journal cover. Yes, l’ll have to add that to the shop. De Colores is near done. The white blooms aren’t working out, but oh these textures are! This is a color book, right? Swatches of yellow and orange? Wait that’s like the video I saw. I was thinking I’m just going to paint, as I paint it’ll all come together. It has. It will.

I thought it would be fun to end the book with art projects. Valentine’s Day is about love. I love art. Here we go!

Creative Exploration

Drops of Happy Bloom

drops of happy bloom

There’s this artist who describes her art as drops of happy. She uses strokes of aqua blue, bright pink, green and purple. Her color palette is described as vibrantly optimistic. What I love most are these words on her about page. She began her love affair with color…

Me too! It’s been fun posting projects for the book. Now it’s crunch time. I have to paint a few more projects, edit the words, work on layout and bam press the done button. I have two weeks to go. Wait a minute 10 days! How did that happen. I’ll be ready. Monday I’m going to start a Valentinus’s Day countdown! There’s a good Valentine’s Day section in the book.

Make sure you subscribe to the blog. Tell your friends. I’ll be offering the ebook for free for a limited time. Don’t miss out.

Creative Exploration

What I’ve learned about being an artist

Being an artist is not about mastering technique. It is fully about connecting with that voice inside you, the one that is your spirit, your soul, that part of you that simple is. Once you do that, because it’s there regardless, then you build technique. Your greatest tool is you!

Creative Exploration

Colorful petals for a colorful life

olorful collage flower

Use my old yet beautiful work? Yes! These petals are colorful and to think, I just followed a glorious idea. I painted all of these papers, cut them up and let my eyes do the gluing.

Let’s see what other pairings can I use?

The white blooms are beautiful! All they needed was more leaves in various tones of green. I could make that happen.

Creative Exploration

White Blooms (oh the lessons I’ve learned)

I have been trying to paint these white roses. Oh, that’s right I want to look up a few How-To’s. Why did I throw these out again? Oh, right I didn’t like the green. The white and orange isn’t bright enough. I have another background. I’ll paint white blooms over it. So, ok I’ve painted four editions of white blooms, but I’ve learned too.

I keep trying to paint the awesomeness of Carrie Schmitt. Her work is beautiful. The truth is those are her brush strokes not mine. Maybe if I stop painting like someone else, I can actually paint my blooms.

I have an idea! Those blooms with these words will be in the book:

White is…what comes to mind are these white roses I see them here and there on my daily walks. I can’t help but wonder that I should be feeling what I feel every day of my life. I’ll stop, adore the color. With every breathe a voice reaches inside me, what an idea, let’s do it because yes, it’s all possible. It’s the nature made orange yellow stigma and white petals that remind me of every element in this world. It’s all such wonderful color. What if, how much better would our lives be, my life be if I choose to live with it!

This book is a process and I’m enjoying the ride!

Creative Exploration

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights? Why not. I like the lights that lit up a dark street. I can still feel the orange, blue and green round bulbs hanging on the branches of an everyday tree. Everyday trees. Everyday lights. Flower lights. Vintage Christmas Tree bulbs in my favorite colors. Wait a minute, are we the ornaments on the great big tree of life? It would certainly be a beautiful tree. It is. I think I just wrote the Christmas lights journal page for De Colores.

Creative Exploration

Collage Moon & Stars

acrylic painted background with a blue boon in Eric Carle style

My beautiful stars are barely visible, all I need is a little more ink.

Yes, I think this poem will work…

Without a dark sky there is no glowing moon.

To my heart, my mind, my soul, a boon

No dreams too big

No matter the season there’ll always be a fig

Moon, the way you glow

Needs and wants I have them, this I know

Of course, there was that time when crazy was in the car, in my mind really…

Ridding along in the car. I could get caught up in the talk, in the way things ought to be. Say! The stars shine extra bright tonight. How is it that I have never noticed before? Not like this. The stars are so far way and tiny. However small, they still illuminate the sky, my heart and my mind.

Creative Exploration

Color in a box of crayons

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a lunch time draw. I had 5 minutes, three sheets of paper and a storage box filled with crayons. No noise. It was just me and my ideas! I chose my favorite colors and doodled. Made me miss and wish I could scribble more.

What did I write in the book?

You give an absolutely not, I’m not an artist adult, a box of crayons and they too will enjoy coloring. We’re all artists, absolutely we are, the problem is people try and convince us otherwise.

Crayons are simple, inexpensive

With every color you can be expressive

Dandelion Yellow

You make me feel mellow

Young or old

We can all be bold

The laughter, the playfulness, creative spirit, that never gets old.

Did I say old?

I mean little kids and big kids

With crayons I can be a big jar of hearts no lid

Yeah, I like that.

I doodled these beauties in 5 minutes, and I like my drawings! Oh right, I want to add watercolor to some of these.