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Simple, Playful and Colorful

orange full of heart blooms

I’m noticing a pattern. When I paint it’s like the watercolor paper turns into this space on a forgotten wall, a wall on the outside of a building. There’s this one wall you’d glance at as you’re waiting in line for a restaurant. All of that leads me to Anthropologie. Here’s what I mean. Art that is simple, playful, colorful and an invitation to always be you. Yes, that is how I feel about my art. Oh, that works!

These blooms were painted with an intended pink and orange. I can’t seem to get the pinks I have in my head on the page. If you know of a quinacridone magenta watercolor, then please let me know. I love the colors and the heart petals. I splattered on accident and turned that into a happy accident. I painted a few layers on the petals to get the blue right. Acrylic you are so good to me.

I bought some new watercolor paper. Spring is near! I’m going to wrap up the color book from here until spring. Until then, the color book is a journal of my thoughts on color and so I’m going to write and paint what my creative spirit demands. There’ll be collage–oh I can paint some blue texture paper and finish that design today.

These blooms are to remind us that just because Valentine’s Day was yesterday, doesn’t mean the loving stops. Love yourself. Love others.

Creative Exploration

Ok the exact Quote

You better lose yourself in the music. The moment, you own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow


Here are the words. Lose myself? Yes, lose me in the paper and the paint. Better yet, lose you, the one that doesn’t want to fall because people will laugh. We were born with the laughter, the curiosity and imagination of knowing we own the moment. One more time I say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, and all those who fill my heart.

Here’s some self-love art for you. Enjoy. If you’d like to purchase, then please click on the photo.

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage
a book about loving your ideas and who you are.

All of my books are a sweet for the creative spirit. If you haven’t read them then you should. Different is Beautiful is a must read. You are loved! That’s a good read too!

a bird of paradise with encouraging words about self love
three peach yellow blooms with the words feel the breeze dance with ease.
yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

With Love,


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Creative Exploration

Happy Valentine’s Day


Surprisingly there hasn’t been much pink or red in my Valentine’s Day countdown. I explored the shape and even looked at how I incorporate hearts in my art. What I have really had to deal with is self-love. I lost all of the work for De Colores. Now that I think of it, I should probably change the name. I will but I love De Colores. I’ll change the name. Then there was this question on James Victore’s IG live. What do you do when you feel like you’re the only one who believes in your work? I know I have a few fans and I appreciate them. I believe in my blooms BUT I feel like something is missing. I have many of the pieces to a good puzzle, yet a few are missing. I know that I need to create more and do less thinking. I have come to realize the most important lesson of being an artist.

Being an artist, isn’t about skill, it’s about mindfulness. An artist knows that energy, that force, the creative spirit and they just pick up the tool and paint.

Skill is what comes afterward. What do you think? I’ll open up comments for this post.

Creative Exploration

Paint to Win

OOH I like this twist on play to win. That’s what the Ram’s did. Imagine the pressure, you work hard all season long, a career long, and you have four quarters to win the game. There can be no doubt, no fear, only focus. In the words of Eminem, you got one moment, you better never let it go. Ok the words went something like that but what a halftime show! So, here’s to showing up in all that we do with this mentality. My word of the year is greatness.

Creative Exploration

Valentine’s Day Countdown (Day 6)

This design feels like a gift bag. I should have filled the whole sheet with glue gun heart and flower stencils. I should have added a few more layers of bright and bold pinks and reds to create more contrast. Overall, I’m happy with the design. I played and I kept painting even though I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had fun! Now I have ideas to move forward with. Most of the time my work is explorative.

Creative Exploration

It happened!

color scheme for a poster that reads de colores

I was all set to wrap up the official De Colores book This morning I had a plan: My list was, edit the last few pages, upload artwork, forget about it for a few days and proofread with a fresh pair of eyes. I decided on the Merriweather font. I sat down ready to finish only to discover the book was missing. Yes gone, all of it. All I have is the rough draft. I do have a few paper notes, but the book is gone. And so, I start a new version, a better version. I am sad and disappointed. I can’t make the February 14 deadline but much worse could have gone wrong. Since the book is still fresh in my mind, I will spend these days re-writing the entire book. This book is a great idea! Maybe this is a chance to go back to the drawing board. I am here now. And this time I’ll write in a notebook like I always do, save an extra copy and move forward. I am an artist. I AM AN ARTIST. I made mistakes and what a way to learn from them.

Oh, but the book will be available sooner than you think! Ok I still need a few more, lots more deep breathes. Thank you for reading my blog and subscribing. I appreciate your understanding and support because art is my life!

Creative Exploration

Valentine’s Day Countdown (Day 5)

I’ve watched a few wood sign painting tutorials and it’s time. I painted one. It’s also time to stamp with paper roll stamps. It was another one of those great why didn’t didn’t I think of that ideas! Oh but the bloom and butterfly hearts, those are mine. I have a few days to put together my color book. Two days! Ha, but my heart’s in the right place. I got this! Do I? Yes I do.

We do. I love seeing your projects on Instagram and your blog. We got this. The world needs our art.