Creative Exploration

…for a colorful life is coming soon!

color scheme for a poster that reads de colores

I did a lunch time journal write for the color brown. I added a quote and a few notes to the thinking map. I just finished three colorful collage blooms. The third is in progress. Suddenly for a colorful life is coming together, feels like I’m writing the book for me.

Creative Exploration

…for a colorful life

a book about loving your ideas and who you are.

One week ago, I accidently deleted the first draft of the color book. I was sad but I think I realize that version had nothing to do with all the wonderful reasons of why I love color. You can choose any color. Think of all the places, and animals that are blue. They are the same life and yet different. If that isn’t a self-love letter from nature, I don’t know what is.

And these are the thoughts I want in my book. I have a plan. I have notes. I have a ton of colorful artwork. I’ve been looking at my artwork and the color story is already there. Part of me still feels like I am starting over, meaning my time was wasted. My time wasn’t wasted. My ideas and blooms have helped me grow as an artist. Spring is near and there’s so much color in spring.

Here are my thoughts:

  • the book is an invitation to play
  • there are poems
  • art projects
  • whimsical thoughts from childhood
  • whimsical thoughts that occur as I work on the book

Creative Exploration

much more than a penny

Make a penny necklace. Cut out the front of the penny. Cut out the back of the penny. Glue the front and the back together. You have a penny. And then came the best part. The students were eager to color. Students began coloring their pennies orange or brown. One by one the students asked, “Can I color my penny red, pink, green and rainbow. ” The artist in me sprang with joy and said, it’s your penny color it however you choose. Colorful pennies make the best penny necklaces. Every kid is an artist! That’s right we are.

Wait a minute, this would be a good entry for the book? I’ll write on it tomorrow. Ok time to work on the color book.

Creative Exploration

full of heart blooms

I just needed a little more color and brown stems. In this moment I know I’m blessed. I like the kind of painting that comes from just painting. It’s interesting how I’ve always said I can’t wait till spring. Spring is always here. It may be cold outside, and rain is near, but I can always paint blooms. I can always grow. And rain, we need rain to grow trees and flowers. I should do a lunch time dry on Friday and see how many ideas I can sketch?

Creative Exploration

Blooms in red and full of heart

Various blooms in shades of red

Begin with red, lots of red. I forgot how much fun it is to paint with tempera paint. Use medium yellow, white, green and quinacridone magenta as mix-ins. Green warms up your red. Isn’t beautiful like that, always bringing out the best in others.

Once you’ve mixed your desired tones, it’s time to paint hearts. Thin. Thick, Small. Wide. Big. Let one idea move to the next. The flow begins. You let go. Wait till you see the finished blooms. Wait till you see the textures and blooms. I kept painting and painting. It was good, good for the color book

And when you arrive in that place, when you let go, that’s where the art happens.