Creative Exploration

I’m listening

Here I am! I have always been here, always creating. I had a wonderful taste of what life would be like working on art all day. You know what, I love it. I want more than anything to switch to a full-time gig working from home. My work, my blog I need to make changes. I believe in my work. Maybe I need a new site. Branding? I welcome new ideas. Moon and stars you always give me the answers I seek. It’s time for me to breathe, let go and hold on because it’s going to be a wonderful ride.

Creative Exploration

It is always a good day pink flower

It is going to be a good day pink and orange flower

I’ll start tomorrow. The painting didn’t go well today. Let me order the good paint and brush. Then my flowers will look better. I want to teach a class but I’m not ready. I don’t feel like it, today’s just not a good day. The things I say sometimes. What’s that quote about thoughts are things? Thoughts are truly things, and they’ll take you wild places. Oh, that’s it, I should do a collage Dr. Suess quote. It’ll be a tribute to Eric Carle too!

Every day is always a good day. Right here, in this moment I am alive and well. Let me be grateful. Let me always know that today I can move forward. Maybe I don’t feel like painting, but I will write. Don’t feel like painting? Of course, I feel like painting! This flower is dedicated to all those thoughts that can either go wildly wonderful or wildly destructive.

Creative Exploration

Layering flowers over colorful backgrounds

purple and blue flower pattern

This started out as a tribute to my word of the year, greatness. I painted the background with Very Peri on my mind. Are these colors what I typically use? No. That’s probably why I like these purple and blue blooms. I’ve got plenty of paint, paper and brushes. Let the ideas keep coming.

I have folders filled with colorful art. These minerals are great for the turquoise journal entry.

Creative Exploration

There’s room for everyone, doodle sketch

I am still astonished by my work. I say that because I realize I’m not as much of a fan of my own work. In going through my work, especially Creative Bloom, it felt like I was looking at someone else’s work. And that brings me to my creative calling. I was born creative; sometimes I get caught in the ways things should be instead of doodling. I drew these blooms in the last five minutes of my lunch break. The way I drew it, every little detail it works. Yet I tried to paint one in full color, and it just didn’t work.

Oh, but what came after did!

That reminds me, I want to add these and other blooms to society 6. I have over 100 blooms and counting.

Creative Exploration

Why did I name the book Creative Bloom?

Oh right, Creative Bloom represents me blooming into all my creativity by painting flowers. I painted over 100 flowers. It was more like 500 blooms. The blooms haven’t stopped, they won’t stop. I want more color and more play in my blooms. I want to have more fun. I want to paint blooms like the ones on my shower curtain. I want to paint blooms like the ones I see in Anthropologie. Yes, I dream of creating for that store. Oh, and hosting a workshop where we gather around whimsical supplies, paint, good food and like the song suggests, leave your cares at the door.

Ok I’m going to go read my book. It’s been a long time but if I’m going to redesign the cover, I should read the book. I’m nervous.

The book inspired me all over again! Did I write that book? There are a few changes to be made but guess what, this spring the book is getting a makeover. There’ll be a new cover, new title, new font, and a few new blooms. If you already own the copy, not to worry because I’ll be releasing the new book for free. Feel free to email with feedback on the book.

Are you a subscriber?

Creative Exploration

Unique Hairstyles

I found an interesting self-love project. You roll the dice. If the dice lands on a straight line, you draw a strand of straight hair. There’s zig zag, squiggle, swirl and scallop lines. I printed 25 copies to share with a class. I went over the rules. I roll the dice. They draw. One brilliant kid said, can I just create whatever I want? I questionably said OK. Would it still be a we’re all uniquely beautiful project? Oh, it was!

The kids drew according to their favorite color, book character and I’m not sure what they were thinking, perhaps emotions? The kids didn’t follow the rules. The kids made up their own rules and in doing so they taught me the true meaning of being an artist. Here’s my sample.

Doodle project for Self Love

Yeah, I followed the rules. I admit it was fun to just let go and not worry about the final piece. What I enjoyed the most is, can I do whatever I want! My best work happens when I… am free to do whatever I want.

Creative Exploration

Hello Pink and Orange Flowers

I have a sketch that I drew with a black marker. I wanted to replicate it. That didn’t work out, it hardly ever does, the really good work can’t.

At that moment my senses shifted gears and said, hello just paint. Yes it’s the kind of hello that comes with a breathe of fresh air. Oh that’s right today at lunch, my eyes caught the swaying of the breeze and all their branches. These moments are always warm, even on cold days. Painting is a wonderful breathe of fresh air too.

Creative Exploration

I almost forgot today’s post

I have been posting daily for a few years now and the idea popped in my head once or twice to write f onto day but left. I’ve been painting as always, well it’s been more collage. My portfolio is colorful and an invitation to play. Your words are joyful happiness and encouragement to create. AND I too am a fan of your work. It’s all so wonderful, how we each have our ideas.

I’ll enjoy the rest of my lunch and write on green, as right here and now the birds and warmth of the sun are helping me take in all of the trees

Creative Exploration

Have a little faith

Now these are the blooms I want more of. Two funny truths were on my mind. Have a little faith are the words for this post. Yet I’m writing the words above the artwork so I can digitally copy and paste the words. I didn’t want to mess up my blue blooms. Ha. The other truth was given to me as I was working. It was a Jay Shetty’s podcast episode on breathing. When I’m out for a walk I stop and breathe with the trees, sun and birds. It’s a freeness like no other. As I finished up today’s projects, I sat in peace. My breath was calm, and the words have a little faith popped in my head.