Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Expressive Flowers

What does freedom mean to you?

You know you have a choice

Birds are singing and you rejoice

Feel the breeze and the color of a rose

You dance you pose


Without restraint

You dream

The moon shines, you shine

Windmills and tulips sing, “I am yours and you are mine.”

To freedom is being open to feeling the connection between nature and you.



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Expressive Flowers

Emerson & Me

viva magenta flowers in vase sketch

 “But if a man would be alone, let him look at the stars. The rays that come from those heavenly worlds, will separate between him and vulgar things.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s a few of my favorite projects

Hello! This is exactly why I paint. I’ve been sharing more of myself and I just read the nicest comments. I’m going to add the second quote to the favorite tools page. More on this topic Wednesday. I’m working on a roses pattern. If you are looking for more checkout my pinterst or Instagram.

Thanks for reading.



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Roses Project, Watercolor

Doubt is Not Who I Am

sketching flowers with tempera paint

I almost forgot about today’s post. I haven’t been feeling good. Instead of painting, I want to share a thought that seems to be a theme in everything I’ve been reading. Your art is not about technique. Art is about what you feel when you are painting. Art is YOU. I’ve always been spiritual and connected to the world around me, especially nature.

I painted the above arrangement on thin sketchbook paper. I used Crayola tempera paint. I miss that paint. When I painted these blue flowers I felt free. I painted faith. Here’s to more of this self-expression.

That’s all for now. I’m keeping things short and sweet. Reading, and taking notes on post-impressionism and Suzanne’s course are great ways to rest and still work on art. I’m always working or thinking about art.

Thank you so much for reading. Take care of you.



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Expressive Flowers

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Your mind is the most important, most powerful tool we have. Going for walks and seeing the beautiful flowers and everything in nature invigorates my mind with the words of a Super Bowl athlete about to embark on the game of his life.

We have everything we need to win. We can win. All we need is to have the right mindset. If we didn’t win, it’s because we didn’t have the right mindset.

By the way the quote isn’t word for word but I get the love! I worry sometimes but it’s like live in the moment! Just paint. You got this! I do! And I have one more blooming thought for a wild spirit.



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit

Dance in the spring

Actually, it’s fall and it feels like summer. I just came home from an evening stroll and spring is in the air.

a pink and orange strokes flower with a quote about dancing in the spring

The day is warm and easy. I walk among colors. There are peach roses, pink daisies oh, and white and yellow roses too. I stop and admire it all. I take a deep breath. That’s when I see the rhythm of the petals. I can’t explain it, but the beauty of nature, how it all works together makes me want to dance, right there on the sidewalk. Sometimes I do. My spirit always dances. Today my spirit danced because now is fall, then comes winter, and finally glorious spring. Spring is neverending. Maybe I did explain how nature makes me feel?

Paper collage flowers are my lates book project

Last night, I painted lovely shades of blue paper. Right now I’ll work on a few blue blooms. I have this folder full of paper collage blooms and collage paper yet to bloom. This book helps me reflect. I can work on my art at lunchtime and trust the process. I’ll keep cutting pasting and writing until I have the book Blooming Thoughts for a Wild Spirit. The book will be colorful, whimsical and invite the reader to entertain their ideas and perhaps realize them. I should include a few pages for readers to paint their own flowers? What a great idea!

You can find the video of my paper collage process on Pinterest. Pinterest is the place where I pin all of my supplies, nature walks, and process videos. The videos are wonderful to practice for my collage course.