Expressive Flowers

There’s a Gem In Every Project

Ana & George was my first book project. For a short time, it was published but I stopped selling it because it was too much of a work in progress. The story began with a destined-to-be queen bee. Bellisia wanted to travel the world, and engage with all her worker bees. She wanted to fly with the butterflies and visit all the flowers. Somehow Bellisia turned into a baker bee named Ana.

And slowly all these characters emerged. Each one with a spirit that refuses societal norms. It’s not about being different. It’s a want to be yourself. I kept going back and forth with ideas. I would sit for hours and write. Then throw it away and start over. I loved imagining the characters, letting my mind wander, and writing. I got to be part of the adventure. Painting is my love and my adventure. Every project I work on is an adventure.

I now realize that I let this story go for good reasons. What do I know about writing and illustrating a chapter book? Absolutely nothing. That’s exactly why I had to write it. If it weren’t for this story I wouldn’t have had the courage to write Different Is Beautiful. I have many more poems and stories to write.

I just read Ana & George. It’s been years since I’ve read this story. I thought I deleted it. I’m glad I still have it? Maybe I can turn the book themes and characters into a whimsical thought journal book? What a cool idea! I should do some creative writing while the idea is still fresh in my mind.



Expressive Flowers

Pink and Purple Blooms

There is strength in letting go and painting. There’s pink, purple, blue, and a little sparkle. These colors are the creativity, faith, and play that should be in every painting session. I layered, splattered, painted and you know what, this is the best painting I’ve done in a long time. I say best because this is me, my ideas. Yes, my influences come from everywhere. But I’m not painting with outside forces. It’s just me. It’s the tools. Sure I’m holding the brush and gliding it along the page but the idea takes over. It isn’t about me. It’s the idea.

Kute Blackson had this amazing quote in one of his posts. Surrender your attachment to the outcome and get into the flow. Yes! That is what I did for this painting. I need to keep going.



Expressive Flowers

You Help Me Orange Collage Flower

Orange strokes collage flower with a blue background and quote

Who would have thought that using scrap paper could create lovely texture? Morgan did and I thank her. I have a collection of objects but paper isn’t one of them. Using paper to create texture, is as much fun as stamping with a candle lid. You stamp, mix and blend. You don’t know what will happen until the paint dries. Oh, that reminds me, I want to paint more ornament flowers.

7 pink and orange ornament flowers

I can’t get over the texture and color. Art and nature always help me navigate through negative thoughts. Art satisfies my curiosity. To paint this flower I applied color. I did a few sprays with a water bottle. I added more color. I flickered drops of blue and green. I used the piece of paper to stamp over the wet paint. And I painted on thin mixed-media paper. The more I experiment the better my art gets.



Expressive Flowers

Let’s Yellow Collage Flower

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

What project did I wrip the leaves from? The texture in these leaves is just too beautiful to throw away. Let’s is a mood. It’s exactly what I was feeling. I started this project by cutting a flower shape and then painting it. Now I paint the paper like I do for collage. I hold the texturred paper in my hands and le ideas come to me. I have a pile of sheets. The yellow sheet with its strokes of orange inspired me. And let’s is the word.

Let’s say yes

Let’s go for a walk in sneakers and a dress

Let’s paint with our fingers

Let’s read a book and turn off the ringer

Let’s write the book

Let’s give that idea a second look

Let’s stop the excuses

Be the woman who refuses

Yes, nice little poem to start my week. Have a good week. If you enjoyed this post then be a subscriber.



Expressive Flowers

I forgot how fun it is to…

paint with tempera paint and on copy paper. Morgan Harper Nichols had this amazing video on abstract strokes and fear. I can’t paint on canvas either. I fear I’ll mess up. I can’t afford to go through canvases like I do paper. It’s been a week since I’ve painted. I had to paint.

My goal is to paint better roses. I love roses. Like the other night, I found this artist on Instagram. I too want to pick up the brush, lather up the paint, mix tones and have my roses bloom before my eyes.

Here’s a few notables:

1. Paint the petals using curved lines. When the paint is almost dry use a moist brush to spread the paint over the white space.

2. A round flat brush gives you good texture.

3. You can layer with a light color and then add details with a darker color.

4. Each petal line begins thin, wide and ends thin. Vary the starting points of these lines.

5. The petal lines are small and get bigger as you move away from the stigma of the flower.

I like the shape and petals of 2,3 and 4. Am I wanting to paint an exact rose? Like the roses on my walks? No. I want roses expressive of how nature makes me feel. I want color. I want texture. In a world of classes and social norms, I can always revel in a rose. I can always carry my thoughts to the moon and the stars.

My paper collage flowers have been wonderful but that’s tomorrow’s post.



Expressive Flowers

You are blooming

This morning was sweatshirt cold. Barely sprinkling, it felt like fall. I walked past white, pink, red, and yellow roses. Even in this type of weather, the roses were blooming with color. Sure some of the roses had brown petals. But the glimpse of color was enough to visualize spring.

And of course, this idea reflects my personal thoughts. Sometimes I write like someday I will bloom. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the I’m not good enough phase. I try too hard. Overthink. Over apologize. I am a fan of EttaVee, James Victore, Ana Victoria Calderon, Carrie Schmitt, Corita Kent, and Morgan Harper Nicols and my favorite artwork of all is School of Athens.

Am I a fan of my work? I read Road Trip. I hand-wrote the words. I drew the illustrations. The story made me laugh. I like my blooms and my peacock. These projects make me say wow, there’s so much more I can do. Think of all the ideas yet to be painted. It feels good to say I’m blooming. I’m growing. Every part of the process is growth.

I am living, breathing, and always blooming. If I create from that place–when I create from this place it’s amazing.

You are bloomg. What a great addition to the wild thoughts flower paper collage book. Your turn. Make a collage flower and write a message. Give yourself the advice you seek. tag me @creatively.hue



Expressive Flowers

What did you dream blue blooms

orange and pink painted background with quote inside blue flowers

I used to have these dreams of flying among the city lights. No cars. No noise. No right. No wrong. Just me, the moon, and the stars.

This weekend I painted three or four colorful abstract backgrounds. I have tons of flowers with white backgrounds.

In between these pages will be full page color. I want more color in the book. This book already makes me happy. I was asked an important question. What dream are you working on? This book is my dream. It’s a book filled with strokes of color and colorful thoughts.



Expressive Flowers

Bloom especially…

Interesting topic this morning. I was thinking about Sunday’s post. I thought about my bird of paradise painting. And here I am writing. This morning’s conversation pairs perfectly with bloom especially if you’re the only one who looks like a bird.

We all have a difference. Some call it weirdness and ostracize you for it. If you look at nature, there are colors, traits, and skills. Nature is the biggest most beautiful masterpiece. I wrote a book on this! Why would we ever want to change that? Yet we do. Here’s the conversation.

My name is Mireya Pizarro. I’ve always admired my name because I’m usually the only one. I love my culture and my curves. But there was a time that I didn’t appreciate who I was. I didn’t want to speak Spanish or listen to music. Now that I think of it, I did listen to Spanish music at home but I didn’t mention it at school. I didn’t want to stand out. As an artist, all I want is to stand out.

Let this marvelous Sunday be about just being you. My culture, ethnic background, spirit, and soul, that’s the artist. And I am an artist.



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Expressive Flowers

Peacock and tulips

Blue peacock with shades of pink tulips

This was an unexpected project.

I have worked on a paper collage peacock.

Catcoq had this post on building an audience for your art. One of her most popular Instagram reels features a a peacock painted with metallic watercolors. And I have been wanting to paint birds surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers. I’ve seen Carrie Schmitt’s artwork. The real motivation came from an artist who simply wanted to paint art that represents who she is. DomoINK is pretty cool!

I’ve been working on my peacock for days. I sketched my design. I planned a color palette. I erased the flower sketches. Now I have colorful tulip shapes. Not sure what to think of this design but it was great practice! The shapes are colorful. I’ll keep sketching, I’ll keep painting. Tomorrow I’ll work on collage flowers.

Expressive Flowers

Here’s a wild thought…

Always take time to smell the flowers.

Life is colorful

Daydream and dance

Isn’t life wonderful

Think of all the flowers in your neighborhood

Think of all the flowers in every city and country

Now that’s a love, a language that’s understood

What would the world be without roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, peonies and sunflowers

Let’s not forget the butterflies and the bees

We are different, the same, a masterpiece, now that’s power!

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