De Colores Momentum

Here’s more words from the book. Yes the book has a new name which is De Colores. This texture was painted with some of my favorite color. I just let the watercolor blend and work together like it naturaly does.

There I was on a Sunday morn. A quiet house and I had no words to write. Why am I working on the color book? Do I want to? I’m writing but the words, I took a break and as Curly Nikki suggested I looked for love. I sat quietly in thoughts and those of other good podcasters. I came across James’ post. That’s it! My work is the world through my eyes. My colors, well what are my colors? I use yellows, greens, pinks, browns oranges and blues. I mix all these colors to make even more, really beautiful color. There’s forest green, turquoise and aqua. Mix a little yellow with orange and you have my attention. Add a little pink and you have my heart. That’s right, tell my story. Have you every wandered and wondered how all this beautiful color came to be. I like to think the bluest of the ocean blues are there to remind us, restore our faith in ourselves and each other. We are truly a masterpiece. How can we not see such beautiful color and not feel that we are greatness, that our troubles or doubts and fears, it’s going to be okay. Then I realized hello just WRITE. I love color. Color is one of those elements that feeds my perpetual curiosity. The de colores song popped in my head. Suddenly the fire is once again ignited. Here we go!

Okay time to get dressed have breakfast and paint textures. BUT I’ve got to paint a flower too and test out my new brush. I read this post about a blogger who just had to photograph a colorful jar of M & M’s. M & M’s are the candy that reminds od childhood.Yes I’m adding this entry to the book.

Oh in case you are curious, I have decided to share more textures from the book until the release date. Oh wait! The book can be released on February 14th. Yes the day of love. Nature loves us so much that she grants us the ability to fall in love with our eyes. Yes color is a wonderful gift. Let me write this down and I do have an wonderful idea for the texture!

Oh right I should take time to fill out my calendar today.

De Colores

of colors? Yes sounds like a good name for the book.

This is the first texture page I painted. I painted with watercolor. The shades were variations of yellow and pink. Then I used a little Indian Yellow acrylic to stamp textures. Wait, I stamped the textures first and with a candle lid! When the paint dried I applied watercolor. For the blooms I added a litte brown to the Indian Yellow to get a yellow ochre tone. I want to paint this on a wall.

Here’s the intro:

Feck Perfuction

This book is a good read. I have read it before but now I’m reading it with my new word of the year Greatness.

Ok wear your invisible crown if you want to but I just mean the greatness you were born with, the greatness you felt when you scribbled on a paper and hung it on the refrigerater, the greateness you felt when you had an idea and shared it. Most importantly there was the time everbody was your friend because you just wanted to play.

Wiat a minute I should paint the word greatness? A few sketches?


Let’s Do This

lets fo this collage lettering

I heard Jamie Foxx speak about his grandmother and how she inspired him. She told others to leave him alone because he was going to do great things, go places. I blurted she was right! Someone much wiser than I said, We are all born for greatness.

It’s the same message in movies and in religion. It’s prayer, meditation, yoga, mindfulenss…call it what you will but good thoughts are there. Negativity is such a dark place.

I want and I need more good thinking. Not just say the words or read them but feel them as I speak, as I write, as I paint, as I teach, as I listen, as I treat others, as I live.

Here’s what I have planned for 2022

  • Creative Bloom the course I’m scared of this one. I haven’t filmed a course in a long time but I’ll be doing it.
  • Write two new books
  • do an Eric Carle collage activity
  • do a Valentines floral project
  • add to the sticker collection
  • Tote Bags
  • puzzles
  • poems
  • read more
  • rebrand my website
  • a creative bloom blog series

All this is a to-do list but I need to work on mindfulness. Here’s to a new day. Here’s to a new week. Here’s to a new month. Here’s to a new year. Let’s keep working. Let’s keep growing. Let’s do this. All the advice I give is really me being a sponge. Mindfulness finds me and I absorb it I write and paint about it but then I stop…

I am not entitled to the fruits of my labor, only the labor.

New Site Same Good Blog

I know you are probably ringing in the new year somplace. I wish you, us the best year yet. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. At times your words keep me going. I love creating, always will. Day by day in every way I am getting better. At times it feels like I take two steps forward and move back 10. That’s why I need to focus more on mindfulness and keep making art, LOTS OF ART

Anyway I want to say thank you. Let’s make this year about getting back to the creative spirit that is already burning within us.

I have many projects,many ideas so please subscribe and tell your friends because we are going to party!

Liking the new website changes so far? Let me know.

Last Work of 2021

Stickers ( soon to be added to Redbubble

What’s with all these 2021 posts? I’m grateful. I had fun. Yet there’s much more I want to do. I miss the days of lockdown. I worked on art all day. Yes I missed certain classrooms but in the grand scheme of things I love being at home. I welcome and want more of that this year.

More artwork

Ideas to build on!

A big goal for the year was to diversify my income. I wanted to open up a shopify store. That didn’t happen. I wanted to learn how to promote my book, relearn marketing and branding. I am still working on this. I took courses on branding and graphic design.

Here’s to brighter, bolder art that speaks of greatness. I’m on my way. I need to put together the first teaser of my color book…

heigh-ho heigh-ho it’s off to work we go!

2021 Review (List of Posts)

  • Use red paint to sketch flowers. Stamp with random objects
  • drawing various flowers with walnut ink
  • word art with watercolor
  • This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

Here is a list of top posts.

  1. Gor for a Walk Yes, I went for many many walks this year and much of that has inpsired my work
  2. Mosaic Fish Not only are these relaxing but they are a reason for my love of color
  3. Palms Make Cool Flowers
  4. About Writing just write the book already. Yes learn all you can but all you need to do is read a lot and sit down and write. Write anything. Lots of it. These are words of authors.
  5. Pink BrushStroke Blooms
  6. Belong to the moon and stars Life is much more peacful when I live like this.
  7. Just you making art
  8. Dreamcatcher
  9. Finger painting What a great way to paint flowers
  10. The first idea didn’t work so paint flowers
  11. How to be an artist
  12. Red Tempera Paint sketching
  13. Flirt with Creativity
  14. Focus
  15. Painting flowers with a paper roll

Ok so I had fun this year. In 2022 I’ll be sharing more techniques, a new course. and three book ideas! If you are new to Creatively Hue then these posts are a great place to start, get inspired and create your best work.

Top Lessons of 2021 (from an artist’s point of view)

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

Always meditate

Quiet time is so valuable. Many times I let emotions control the show. I’m up and down like a yo-yo but when I’m quiet I, it’s alwasy oh why’d you do that. I want more prayer, meditation and more of these I am spirit meant for greatness mindfulness. I have a wonderful New Year’s post.

Fall in love with the process not the idea

There is a difference. I heard Austin Kleon talk about this in a podcast for Unmistakeable Creative. We are not entitled to the fruits of our labor. Austin wants artists to know what it feels like to get a sentence right. It’s amazing when I have leftover paint. I pick up the brush, do somehting and I look at the page, it’s beautiful. Or many times it seems unfixable. Yet I simply keep working. Then before my eyes it blooms. Surprisingly the more I fall in love with the process, that’s where I start to get followers and beautiful comments. Thank you.

There is no right way to create a flower

The choice is all up to you. You first ideas may not work but it’s what comes after, that’s where the good work is. Much of my work is chance. I can recreate it but not with exact texture or color blending.

Review your work often

There are two reasons for this. You see your growth. Sometimes, for a looong time it can feel like no one cares or your not making progress. You are making progress and the tuth is in your work. My blooms ard ideas are better since I began Creative Bloom. Creative Bloom is a fun creative exploration book. Yet if I rewrote the book with new blooms it would be amazing! Reviewing my work motivates me to keep creative.

Be proud of your work

Jump for joy if you want to. Being proud of your work means sharing it in person via a workshop or online in a post. Share the story behind the piece. It’s more like an indifference in your work. Your not saying it’s the best and your not saying it’s the worst. You are in complete peace with your work.

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament