Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Spirit of Love Bouquet

pink and oragne roses in a blue mug vase

…but in fact, today it is the amateur–the enthusiast who pursues her work in the spirit of love..

Yes, that’s me! The words of Show Your Work go on to say that amateurs aren’t afraid to make mistakes and don’t think about looking ridiculous because they are in love with their work. I’m obsessed. I’m an artist! Art is what I do! I’ve never painted roses before. I paint expressive and abstract wildflowers.

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

Yet here I am painting roses and building content for the roses book. The roses book will be a friendship book for the spirit, the soul–my spirit, and my soul. What if I share my heart and people shatter it. Can they really? No.

I want to paint the way roses make me feel when I’m out for my walk. I see white roses and that purity and innocence captivate me. I imagine and wonder. It’s beautiful. When I create I don’t care about what others think. It’s not even on my radar. As I painted Spirit of Love I made mistakes. I kept painting. And I’ll keep painting.

Let today’s post be about painting with the spirit of love. Far too often, we define ourselves by outside forces instead of relying on intrinsic value. The passion, the voice is here, always has been.

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Expressive Flowers

Hello Blooming Beauties!

ten pink roses in a blue vase

I remember when I painted these flowers in five minutes with a Crayola washable watercolor set. Or was it Prang? All the same love! I’m about to pop some popcorn and watch a movie. I wanted to hop on here to ask a few questions and share some creatively hue news!

What do you like about this blog? What would you like to see more of? What post times and days work for you? As of now, I post Wednesday and Sunday. These days are reserved for sharing my projects. Right now I’m working on my roses project. I want to add a third day where I post a tutorial or artist tips. Maybe I should post one weekly project update and one tutorial or artist tips post? What do you think? My goal is to have more fun on this blog. I want to write as the spiritual and passionate artist I am! More on that tomorrow!

As a reminder, I do post idea-pin videos on Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to place where I collect my inspiration and post all the flowers I find on my nature walks. I share behind-the-scenes on Instagram. I just received a payment for the books I sold on Amazon. Thank you! You can also purchase art prints.

Oh and thank you for all of the lovely comments.



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project


painting roses using different brushes.

I was close to giving up. I uttered the words,” I’m not good at painting roses. Forget about roses. Paint other flowers and move on. Then I got out my brushes and magenta paint. I tested out a flat brush. I tested out a filbert brush. I practiced eyebrow strokes. I painted a few of my favorite flowers. It was beautiful!

My style and my blooms were blooming before my eyes! And all this started with the orange rose I drew with a crayon. Drawing with the flat bottom of the crayon instead of the tip was great. I threw out the bad brush with the bad attitude.

Don’t get caught up in the situation

Decide to abandon the commotion.



Choose love

Listen to a song

Feel the ease from above

I’m going to work on that. Ok time to paint today’s roses!

Expressive Flowers

Roses-Just do it

Today was the day. I said I’d post new work and it was going to be awesome. That did not happen. That’s ok because tomorrow’s another day! Well I did come away with one design. In between paper after paper I thought of this bouquet.

blue vase filled with pink and orange roses

I don’t know what was going on today but I can paint. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday! I’m here. It’s been raining and spring is going to be beautiful! Has this ever happened to you?



Expressive Flowers

Roses-Bouquet of Love

blue vase filled with pink and orange roses

The smell of out-of-the-oven brownies is in the air. Here I am reviewing this bouquet. I was back and forth, I like it, don’t like it, fix it, love it! There are a few changes I would make. Not sure about the blue centers. I could make the deep red rose bigger and paint leaves instead of the dot pattern. That would work!

What I love most about this bouquet is…I didn’t know I could paint like this. Well, the truth is I do know. I know that I can paint. I’m an artist. This year, for months, I’ve been with the right spirit. This bouquet was painted with love. It’s proof of what happens when I paint from love. I can do it!



Expressive Flowers

Art Shop

Hello, my blooming beauties! Every week there are more of you! Thank you for being a fan. I appreciate your support. If you enjoy my posts then maybe you’d like to see my art shop? Or buy a book? I have stickers and totes here.

I’ve been painting roses and looking at these blue flowers makes me want to paint many more flowers. Spring is coming! I have a lot of cool content.

Have a good weekend!



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Painting Tips

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

I’ve been painting! Don’t I always? Of course. I’ve been referencing photos, loosely. Then I get to work. When I want to throw it away, the real work begins! Here are my notes.

Tips to Paint Beautiful Roses

  • complementary colors create beautiful palettes (mix a little pink into your green and you’ll see what I mean)
  • soft strokes and crescent moon shapes (keep layering)
  • quiet time makes a difference
  • Ok random shapes and lighter petals blooming outward BUT there’s no right way to paint a flower

My best tip is, to begin. As you paint, you entertain your curiosity. Soon you discover there’s no right way to paint a flower. I forgot about that book. Do you have a tip for painting roses? Comment below. As always thanks for reading.



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Keep Working

Let me begin with how fun and motivational my paper collage wildflowers are! I’ve been creating and collecting them in a folder. I took out the folder and began reading them not knowing what to expect. My wildflower thoughts made me laugh and smile. I now have an introduction letter for the book. And just like that, my wildflowers collage book is coming together! I love when this happens. That brings me to the white vase flower arrangement I painted. Like my wildflowers, this arrangement is fun inte,resting and I painted it! How about a little poem?

7 pink roses in a white vase


Let go of all that is no good.

By the almighty, you are understood

The trees

the breeze

with every dance

they love your stance

Pick up the brush

make a mess

don’t settle for anything less

Have fun!

You’ve only just begun.

The YOUs that make you interesting

That’s the biggest bling

Never hide your face

Because you are the difference that makes this word a wonderful place!

…just a quick poem. Sometimes I realize, I’m good at poetry. Would you like to see more poetry? Let me know in the comments below. This poem and this painting will go into the book. What a beautiful start!

Quick notes for these roses

  • pink is my hero
  • Reuse old art. Save it. Fix it.
  • Working with three colors is best.
  • Hopeless moments are the defining moments
  • Layers

Oh, if you’re curious I will be creating a video of all of my wildflowers. I’ll let you know when I post it on Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers


Mix pink in various tones

That is me! This may be my favorite WordPress WordPrompt. It is! I’ve been working on improving my art. I believe in my work but I need to keep carving out that which doesn’t belong. I have taken the Art2Life workshop. Yes, I learned about differences in your art, value, and color. The most important part of making great art is to paint with love. When I go for walks and see pink roses, it makes me smile.

The breeze of trees calms me. Nature always speaks to my spirit, my soul. I’m about to paint today and I know if I paint with this, it’s going to be good! I wrote a post about this yesterday but couldn’t put into words what I’ve learned thus far. I am by the way working on a roses book. It’s friendship for the spirit. I have been painting roses, pinning amazing photos, and watching youtube videos. And with the Art2Life workshop words like differences, soul, layers, and your art can always be better, speak to me. The one word that captivates me is differences. If I choose to simply paint who I am, if I paint with those differences, wow! Now I leave you with some of my favorite projects including my latest project, roses.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day blooming beauties.