Expressive Flowers

Three Yellow Blooms and a Dance

Why not?

three yellow flowers painted with acrylic

I am on a roll and painting the entire page. I’m using acrylic pens and adding details. Artwork takes time. I’m glad I have it. Sometimes the idea doesn’t work. I have to layer the paint to fix it or go a completely different direction. The yellow ochre background makes me want to dance like they’re watching and I don’t care.

Expressive Flowers

Blue and Pink Flat Brush Florals

7 navy blue flowers with white and pink details

…painting with the handle of a palette knife gives interesting textures. I was experimenting with blending two colors as I paint. What I am learning here is color schemes. This photo is dark and the bright color isn’t as bright as it truly is. Color always looks better when I scan it.

I have been having fun with the spray bottle. The way the splatters dry, you can’t control that. Isn’t it pretty! Oh, and the biggest lesson is that painting with acrylic is like using frosting from a container. You can’t use it out of the container. You have to mix the frosting until it’s creamy. That’s the same with acrylic paint. Golden is thick so you really have to mix it, and with a palette knife. Oh but the pink, green and blues are heaven.

Wait till you see the yellow blooms I painted. I’m working on filling the entire page with color. I’m using white ink and pens to add details. Making mistakes? Not going to worry about it. I’m an artist. I paint beautiful flowers. The voice shows up but I’m focused on what’s going to happen next. Wait, that’s the biggest lesson.

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Expressive Flowers

Solo Pregunta!

Just ask! Have you read this book? It is in Spanish and English. This book is a great summer and Sunday read. This book is why I love nature! Thise first few pages of fields filled with flowers. Every color, every shape and wonderful couriosity, it’s all… the way it should be. And that is why I paint my blooms. The book goes on to share stories of children who are different and how they dare to be strong and themselves every day.

Se diferente. Se Valiente. Set tu.

Be different. Be courageous. Be you.



Expressive Flowers

A poem about minding your business

Frost your cakes while you’re doing a dance

Stamp with eye glasses

Wait for no one to give you a chance

Paint copy paper

Cut and paste a field of blooms

Giving love, there’s nothing greater

Design with blue, orange and hot pink

Pour your paint in the middle and turn the table

What are they going to think?

That isn’t your business.

With your florals, painting a car or a house of bliss

Now that’s your business!

Alright, hope you liked my poem. This week I have been inspired and motivated to further create my art. The blooms I painted today…amazing! By the way, the siempre means always in Spanish. Not my idea but when an email sender ended her note like this, what a reminder to always be you.



Expressive Flowers

Pink Peonies and Wild Flowers

Three pink peonies and two wild flowers painted with acrylic

Peonies are beautiful flowers. Aren’t they all beautiful! How does nature always get everything right?

The paint went on thick. I didn’t intend for all the texture. It was a lovely surprise. I have a palette knife. I prefer a smaller one. Sometimes you order thinking it’s a great idea. When it arrives, you want to send it back. Ooh, I should stamp with the handle and see what happens! I used a size 10 brush to mix color. Not a good idea. All the paint builds on the brush. I’ve ruined a few brushes like that. White and Quinacridone Magenta you make lovely pinks. The green is a good shade. In between the flat brush and a round brush, I stamped with a bottle cap. What an idea! What other shapes can I stamp with? I haven’t thought about the background. I have, just not sure what direction I want to go in.

AND that brings me to let go. For real. Let this post be a reminder to play. Some ideas are good. Some ideas are ok. Some of them, ALL of them are gems. This is a journal. I’ll fill it with fabulous ideas. It’s a journal. There’s room for fun and play. Oh, I’ll scatter some aqua blue hearts around the flowers. Maybe a butterfly. You see, point proven. Trust the process. Enjoy the ride. I write about this all the time. I know. I need these words in my heart and in my toolbox.

Enjoy the process. It’s going to be good.



Expressive Flowers

Always blooming with you

I sat under a tree. It was a hot day but the breeze and the color of the plants,flowers, and rocks had me focused on the moment. I took deep breathes. I felt energized and revived.

Now that I have the layout down, it’s time to glue. Oh, and I need to use white ink to write the word with inside the pink bloom.

These letters aren’t perfect. I did use a pencil to draw a few of the letters but mostly just cut. Good letters. Good color scheme. Nature you’re always cheering me on. Thank you to the fan who posted the words, you’ve got skills. When I was done cutting and pasting, your words came to mind. Not that I’m boasting, but I do have skills. I’m going to keep going and keep creating. In the words of Tabitha Brown, it’s my business.

What, a week into this journal and I’m already in a playful mood. Good!

Expressive Flowers

Butterfly Floral Collage

a yellow butterfly filled with pink and blue flowers

Not sure where this came from but Wow! I wasn’t sure what my journal entry would be. Catcoq’s email was about animal motifs. I read a fabulous EttaVee post on abundance mentality. You know I had to do something with flowers and a butterfly. Beyoncé’s new song was fresh on my mind. That is all I have to say about this beautiful butterfly. I do want to paint the background. I want to cursively write the word fly someplace inside the butterfly. I want this to be a print on the wall. As the color catches your eye, you’re curious, and your eyes lead to fly. Altogether the word fly just makes you want to release, flow and fly. Fly like the wind. I want to fly. I need to fly.

Ok so I had a lot more to say. I should write a poem. I shall. It’s written.

With Love


Are you a subscriber? There are lots more blooms to come. All these journal entries are going to lead to a book project. Not sure what that book will be. I do have an idea. It will come together.

Expressive Flowers

Blue Tulips

six blue and white tulip flowers

For some reason, I wanted blue tulips. I’m not sure what shade of blue this is. Maybe it was gouache? I have a jar of Winsor Newton Acrylic tubes. I’ve had this paint for years. I wanted to build skills with student grade paint. Now it’s the paint I’ll use to fill my journal with beautiful ideas like flat brush tulips.

Flat brush tulips? Yes, I like it. What I really like is the background texture! Stamping with dry paint and a candle lid creates an old wall texture. I’m talking about the buildings with walls that have been painted numerous times. There are murals and store ads. You know the walls that catch your eyes. It’s the color, it’s the stories, and the home feel. I suppose that’s what I want to bring to my work.

Expressive Flowers

Just a Sunday in Summer Thought

Today I want to share some quotes. These words are filled with the vibes I’m feeling and thinking.

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is always accomlished.

Tabitha Brown

Color was not given to us to imitate nature. It was give to us to express our emotions.

Henri Matisse

Nature is beautiful. Nature is so colorful, different and unique. Nature is the only true masterpiece. I must do something with that thought. Maybe a book or a zine? An art print? Yesterday, I was walking through a row of trees. I could feel the breeze, and the birds were singing. I can still feel the breeze. Tabitha’s words came at the moment when I was reflecting on my journal. I’ve been working on a flower idea every day.

I let go. I can sit and take the time to paint. Painting takes time. You have to have the quiet time where you just paint. Maybe you can put on your music, dance a little. Or have a cup of tea. You don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. You don’t need a lot of time. Some days I paint for and hour or two and others 30 minutes. There was another artist, EttaVee who posted about working early in the morning before her girls get up.

I’m grateful for my painting sessions. I got the memo loud and clear. Focus on the process. Have fun with color and BE. Some ideas will start out great and then flop. Others will be a complete turn around BUT there’s a gem in EVERY painting. I’m going to keep learning and growing.