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Emerson & Me

viva magenta flowers in vase sketch

 “But if a man would be alone, let him look at the stars. The rays that come from those heavenly worlds, will separate between him and vulgar things.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s a few of my favorite projects

Hello! This is exactly why I paint. I’ve been sharing more of myself and I just read the nicest comments. I’m going to add the second quote to the favorite tools page. More on this topic Wednesday. I’m working on a roses pattern. If you are looking for more checkout my pinterst or Instagram.

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Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Hope Is Never Lost

It was a beautiful morning. The sun had risen, and the skies were clear. It has been raining a lot! Of course, that means spring is going to be beautiful. And it has been. I’ve come across beautiful flowers and a butterfly. It made my heart flutter.

With all this love in my spirit, I got out my Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White, Medium Yellow, bright brush, and painted a lovely peach texture. I used a credit card piece to smooth out the paint. Then I was off to give an old painting new love.

Much better!

A sketch of two purple roses on a peach background

Suzanne’s class is exactly what I needed. Mixing your own green is amazing! Sporadic brush strokes are fabulous! The most important part is, I feel empowered to express my ideas.

I got to paint for the first time in a week. I’m grateful to be feeling better! Thank you so much for reading and for subscribing. I’ve been checking the numbers and Creatively Hue is growing. As I said, I’m sharing more content. I have a new idea pin that I’ll be posting on Pinterest. Do you have a tip to share? Comment below.

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Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Show Your Work

I’ve been sharing more of ME on Instagram and Pinterest. Little by little, my Creatively Hue family is growing. I just wanted to say hello. I don’t care that I wrote an awesome post and accidently deleted it. These roses didn’t work out but they are perfect to test out the layering technique from my skillshare class. Tomorrow I’ll be painting. It’s been a long week and Quinacridone Magenta is calling my name! I’m feeling better and I knew that I would.

See you Sunday!



Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit, Roses Project, Watercolor

Doubt is Not Who I Am

sketching flowers with tempera paint

I almost forgot about today’s post. I haven’t been feeling good. Instead of painting, I want to share a thought that seems to be a theme in everything I’ve been reading. Your art is not about technique. Art is about what you feel when you are painting. Art is YOU. I’ve always been spiritual and connected to the world around me, especially nature.

I painted the above arrangement on thin sketchbook paper. I used Crayola tempera paint. I miss that paint. When I painted these blue flowers I felt free. I painted faith. Here’s to more of this self-expression.

That’s all for now. I’m keeping things short and sweet. Reading, and taking notes on post-impressionism and Suzanne’s course are great ways to rest and still work on art. I’m always working or thinking about art.

Thank you so much for reading. Take care of you.



Expressive Flowers

Happy Monday!

Today I’m going to retest some flat brushes I just bought. I’m still looking for a good flat brush set. Oh, and I want to paint another sunflower, paper roll style. I haven’t done college in a while either. I have spring break coming up in a few weeks. I want to head to Los Angeles. If you are in the area and know of any good art happenings do tell! Oh, I could film that? Spring is near and I can’t wait to once again film my blooming beauties and walk underneath my beautiful trees. This beautiful Sunday morning I am feeling better. I’m so grateful that I feel better. I’m hopeful for what’s to come. I also need to take an abstract flower course on skillshare. I’m going to start painting roses and put together my book. It’s going to be great!

Thank you so much for following and being on this art journey with me. I really want to know your thoughts. What’s your favorite tool? I’m looking for a good flat brush set. I’m probably going to be heading to Blick in a week. Can you recommend an abstract floral course on skillshare?

That’s all for now. Go have a wonderful week. See you next time blooming beauties!

Have a good week!



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Pursuing Self-Expression

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores to roam. I recently checked out their about page. These words are absolutely why I paint. As I read these words, I felt like, this is me!

creative-minded community, and we take pride in our connection with individuals who prioritize self-expression and pursue inspiration, knowledge, and experience in the spirit of boundless curiosity.

Then opening up my journal and reading my written words.

So I have changed my about page. I’ve been trying to put into words why I paint. I paint the way nature makes me feel. When I paint I feel free. Self-Expression is exactly what I’m about. I want to be in a state of mind that’s neither good nor bad. I’m just feeling the sun, warming me after a cold storm. It’s me wanting to paint green roses on St. Patrick’s day.

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Expressive Flowers

What’s Your Favorite Tool?

Silly me! This morning I realized that I forgot to check the allow comments box. So here we are.

What’s your favorite tool? I roamed the isles of a Dollar Tree. Nothing sparked my curiosity. I’m browsing Amazon and Blick for flat brushes and an art journal. Have any ideas?

Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Oh Let It Be

I’ve been watching artists create beautiful art with random tools. I used to paint like this! Used to? I wrote There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Seems I’ve forgetten the delight of having the time to listen to the voice. The voice is always here. All we need to do is let the moment be. I posted about this on someone’s instagram post. Beautiful art is about putting you in your art. It’s the way you hold the brush or not use a brush. Art is about your weirdness. Art is the the way you dance, the rhythm you carry. I want to paint all the time because I want to. Art just is for me. It’s my breath of fresh air.

I was deleting old work photos on my phone. I found my paper roll flowers! There’s a thrill in not knowing what the flower will look like until you’ve finished.

Back to these roses

Here’s a breakdown of what I used:

  • sponge brush to blend paint
  • watercolor paint
  • watercolor pencils
  • stamp (Stamping with paint is awesome! Make sure you have your art rag nearby so you can wipe the sponge clean when you’re done stamping)
  • brush pen
  • white acrylic pen
  • flat brush
  • round brush
  • mixed media paper

I think that’s all for the supplies. I created a step-by-step idea pin here. I selected a tool. An idea came with it! I painted! I added a little magenta to the green and then a little yellow. I love this shade of green! I use my art rag to dap the wet paint off the paper so I could repaint it. I was all, let me fix this instead of just letting it be. I love the advice someone recently gave me. There’s no good or bad.

What’s your favorite tool? A few days ago, I roamed the isles of a Dollar Tree. I’m browsing Amazon and Blick for flat brushes and an art journal. Have any ideas? Thanks and if you enjoyed this post then subscribe to this blog. Tell a friend.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

how to be an artist

Do you want to be an artist?

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

I was going to share an update on roses but this story is just too good! For the past few days, I’ve been drawing birds are living organisms illustrations. I sketched birds and nests with a pencil. I added colors with crayons. I didn’t even use an eraser. Not once. Today a student said,” You draw so well! Are you an artist? “I just draw a lot,” I said. He said,” I want to be an artist when I grow up. Do you want to be an artist when you grow up? I quietly said,” I am an artist. The student said,” Wait a minute. If you’re an artist then why are you a teacher?

Teaching gives me purpose but art and I, we just are. I am an artist. Oh and the Oh the Places We’ll Go made me question my actions too! Is the world telling me that I can do this? I can do this! I am an artist!

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Expressive Flowers

Oh the Places We’ll Go

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Have faith and love writting on blue swatch palette paper paper

I cannot live without books, art, and music. These speak to my spirit, my soul.

Today I had the honor of reading Oh the Places You’ll Go with a 1st-grade class. The part about going down the wrong street and waiting is good!

“With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.” – Dr. Seuss

I believe these words are true. Many times I need a reminder. Art makes me laugh, hope, dream, relax, create, exercise my curiosity and love. The same can be said for music!