Painting Pottery Florals

A good way to observe flowers is ceramics. Mexican Cermics and patterns all over the world are beautiful. You can work on drawing, color schemes, try out colors you don’t typically work with and practice precision. Of course my mind is why? Florals, birds and the geometric shapes are all about a spiritual connection with all living elements. You can get all Star Wars. You see a lot of blues, yellows and oranges. These patterns are a good way to express my” be you” thoughts. My ideas are the same but how to express them, doors have opened.

…better paint what you want peach floral

Hours went by and I spent them all painting! The first piece was a Lunar New Year Lantern. Now that I know that green and blue lanterns are for dreams coming true, I’ll be painting another lantern this weekend. I painted a floral pattern and a few more flowers. The flowers that surprised me the most where these sponge flowers. It all started with India Ink, water and a sponge to create texture. Then I soften up the petals with transparent pink and orange watercolor and finished with a Acrylic paint details. I was trying this and that and everything worked. I made a flower out of the leftover paint too. There are so many ideas to explore. I seem to be focused on the inner part of the flowers and working with different colors. I really felt the words I painted on the lantern. The words for these flowers resonate the most right now.

Life is better, breathable when you paint what you want.

Review & Sharpen The Map

Good ideas are all around us. We walk around assuming we have all the answers demanding those exact answers. The reality is we need to quiet the voices inside our head and listen. I wrote a few days ago how during that breezy Sunday afternoon, standing still, the wind whispered I love you. At first I thought, are you going to think I’m crazy? I’m not but I tell you, this is what motivates me. It’s these simple pleasures that give me breath. I am so excited to be working on this book and for the work that I’ve been creating. I know I am in the right direction. Do I have all the answers. I don’t have a clue. I make it up as I go along. One idea leads to the next. Today I revisited the first couple months of work and gald I did. To progress you have to review and sharpen your map. Mre florals for today! I’m painting a Lantern.

Life is better, brathable when you just paint!

Just Paint With Indigo

Yesterday’s post went out a little late. I messed up on the time. Today I worked on a hat. It’s the famous be, beautiful no matter what they say, Audrey Hepburn black hat. Mixing up a black is not as easy as it seems. I ended up mixing more of am Indigo. I sketched the hat observing all the angles trying to draw “right”. This Watercolor version was a no go I tried a second time. There was no referencing. What a huge difference! The three minute video on how to mix black with Acrylic helped.

I painted a hat, a quote and three flowers. No I didn’t mix up the black but Indigo with the texture is beautiful. I’ll share it soon. There’s still pink ribbon to paint. The big flower is what surprised me the most. I covered up the petals that didn’t work by dabbing tones of blue. Some were smeared. The texture on this flower is beautiful. I do have an idea for the inside, maybe a pink or a green.

That is twice, wait three times today that I simply just paint. Good day of painting.

Build on the Process

a self made watercolor palette

Going for walks with the intention of observing color and shape has been a breath of fresh air. Last afternoon, the day was windy and warm, standing still I could almost here the wind whispering.I love you. Now there’s all these trees I want to paint. I am toward the end of 100 ways to flower with power. This week I will finish up the writing and begin the layout. This concept has been in my mind for at least a year. There’s more florals I want to paint. I want to lay out all of the work and take one big loving the process photo. Many times I want to hurry to the end result and then question the deviation. Right now I want to build on the process and become stronger.

Thank you for reading and for the lovely comments from time to time. I appreciate all of them.

Not afraid to show bad work

Every art piece I create is awesome, beautiful and one of a kind. You may be thinking but this pink blanket is ugly. You may be right. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. I see process. I can look at bad art as a way to learn and grow. I was going to hit the delete key, instead I will share it again. Working on these lines led me to explore patterns and ceramics. I can paint floral patterns.

Lotus Bloom

Sometimes you need to feel vulnerable, scared and hopeless so you can then realize even more. The Lotus flower is all put together. It was a mess. The mess came when I started thinking perfection. One of my followers on Instagram thought it was good as is. It was but I felt like it was too much trying to be instead of just being.

Lotus Flower

This flower is a reminder that I am working everday toward my creative business. I need to let the sun and air in so I can bloom. I didn’ t know that a Lotus flower only grows in the mud.

Put You In Your Work

As I am writitng the book, there is an outline that I am referencing. There’s three lessons. These lessons are you, just paint, and play. Play has been there. It always is but in the middle of this book project, the doubts resurfaced. I am currently in the middle of this 100 ways to flower with power book project.

The most interesting part of just painting is that you work through the doubt, the fear and the mistakes. Now that I think of it, there wasn’t really mistakes. I just kept and keep making art. That momentum is needed to produce your best work because you have to show up every single day! This is the kind of you that you need to have in your work. That you that lets you explore what you are fascinated with, turn it in to something amazing because you wanted to, like you did when you were a kid.

The thumbprint flowers, as I painted these I was free to explore, creative and didn’t have a solid plan. I was curious about a simple idea and now there’s lots of flowers that I painted with my hand. Simple beautiful ideas exist in all of us but we have to be brave enough to just shut the voices up in our head and paint. I should include these to go in the second look pile. Yes you can use your own work as an inspirational reference point. I am going to explore more colors and see what happens. I didn’t do that much writing this week but wow I wrote some good stuff. This is going to be a good book. Now I’m going to work on a new cover for Diffferent Is Beautiful.

If you are interested in any of my books, Visit here.

Peachy Paper Roll Flower

The first attempt is many times the best. The flowers may be on copy paper and you accidentlay dipped the brush in the wrong color but the magic of the first piece can’t be replicated. I stand by that theory but this flower doesn’t. I mixed a lovely peach and inteneded to paint a Sunflower. What a color. This time I cut the ends of the paper roll with a little more shape, added watercolor with acrylic and just painted.

The exprimental copies that started it all! In the yellow flower I stamped in layers. On another version I used markes to add thin pink strokes of color. There are many possibilities. The possibilites get better and better. Skills do to. Today I wrorte on the topic of just paint. Just painting allows you to work throught the ideas so you can arrive at the peachy petal flower.