Have I shared this yet?

The best art is art that comes without rules. Yet again I watched children mix color and MAKE a mess. They had a great time. One color is beautiful. You can make beautiful art with one color.

You can mix them to create new tones. You can create a masterpiece. Yes all the colors together create a masterpiece. Oh right this weekend I’m working on the color book.

Art is Freedom

I could be upset, need rest, in distress but you tell me to work on an art project and I’m good. Seriously art makes me feel… FREE. Another amazing artist said,”You feel free. Art is freedom.” Yes I’m an amazng artist. You are and amazing artist. We all are,

Many times I’ll have a plan. Plans are good but my best work happens when I play. There’s no right or wrong. I paint paper. Let it dry. Observe the dry sheets. What colors work together? Oh right that’s for my color book. I cut out my petals and arrange them according to my eyes and heart. I go from idea to idea until we’re done.

blooming together

blooms that encourage you to be yourself

I love love painting blooms like this. Yet again I had fun watching children draw ideas for a drug free like me poster. We all have ideas. We all put those ideas together, that’s what makes a masterpiece. Going back to my blooms, it’s like going for a walk. You may see marigolds, white roses, pink roses, a lawn covered in daisies, a bird of paradise…I could go on. All of these beauties make our world the beauty that it is. Each bloom and artist is unique and yet we are the same because we ALL have ideas and wonderful art to share. Yes we all have our swagger.

Ok so I should paint a field of different kinds of flowers.

stamp with lids…

or leaves. Today I watched on as others mixed color, painted leaves and stamped. I would have taken a photo but my phone battery was practically dead. I watched on as they painted. Each was given the same tools: leaves, acrylic paint and a paint brush. Sure there was a quick demo. Once given the tools there was no hesitation. Before my eyes I saw them mixing wonderful color. Simple tools made beautiful art. These students were artists, no doubt. Seriously there was no doubt. None.

And that is how you paint, how you be an artist. You pick up the brush and paint. Paint leaves or lids. Use the back of the brush to press down your stamps. Yes I saw that too.

I am.

Note to Self

Wow! What I truly love is mixing beautiful color. I mix and mix until my eyes are satisfied. Here’s to art. All we need to do is pick up the brush and paint. When we paint we let go of the doubt and it’s like who cares I just have this idea. Is this for the shop? What about the book? Is it on trend? None of that matters. Paint. Just paint and you’ll realize that that’s all you needed to do.

Mosaic Happy

This bloom was inspired by a park in Spain. You walk along a path full of colorful pieces and all for our eyes. I wonder who and how they were placed in such a way on a bench and on the giant Iguana on the entry way of the building.

Yes it’s all I hope for with my work. I want to continue to create the kind of work that illuminates and encourages positivity.

If I can share that with you then it’s a win-win. If you’d like to purchase this beauty you can.

Bloom from within

If you are your own fan then there is no need for acceptance, trends or permission. You just paint the flowers you want to paint. You know you bloom from within.

An artists once said all we want is to be loved, heard and accepted. While there may be some truth to this, I much rather be so focused on giving and loving in the way my inner experience demands that I live like I am accepted and permitted because


My Creative Place

So for a while I’ve had a blue brick building as a symbolism of my creative space. As much as I love nature and spending hours a day painting, that peace I feel it isn’t in some space or place. That breath of fresh air, the sparks of brilliance, yes when I’m in my zone the ideas keep coming and I surrender. The space, the place it lives in me! My creative place, the place where my best work lives is within me.

I’ve created in the classroom, on the bus, on the train, in the car, at the office, at the park, in the store…yes my best and I mean the hours and days when I had that spark. I was able to talk myself out of doubt and into the idea.

As I write this, I’m in a restaurant. And it’s only going to get better!