I’m Mireya, artist blogger and creator of Creatively Hue

I love checking out what other artists’ are up to on instagram and collecting inspiration for new projects on pinterst.

Creatively Hue is you creating And nourishing your mInd

Every day I paint. I imagine. I dream. I collect color. I am in love with the moon, the stars and the breeze of the trees. Alan Watts describes my experience.

All these things are an extension of myself. And I think how beautiful. how really great I am.

I make messes mixing color, cutting scraps of paper, and stamping with erasers. Creating is something I have to do. It’s taking an idea and exploring until it’s an ok that’s exactly what I wanted to say.

What do I want to say?

There is room for everyone. There are no mistakes only make. All you need is curiosity, imagination, and that kid who always knew your art was cool. You. And that is all I strive for with Creatively Hue.

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With Love, Mireya

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Different Is Beautiful and 100 Ways to Flower with Power are two of my favorite projects because they explore a life long curioisuty of people, animals and the world really.