Expressive Flowers

Roses and Sunflowers

pik sunflower and yellow rose painted with acrylic

Hello! My journaling is interesting to look at. I usually spend at least 30 minutes journaling. Today’s project was at least an hour. I enjoy the freedom of using cheap paper. Acrylic paint is a confidence builder. If I don’t like what I see, I can add to it. That’s what happened with these two flowers. I started with fluorescent pink. Then I applied a pink layer and finished with a layer of sun-kissed vanilla. I did the same adding variations of green for the leaves. I added blue because that seems to be my color. I’m engaged in the process and that’s what makes my work interesting.

I should try layering and mixing with watercolor. I’m enjoying the work I’m producing. It expresses how I feel about nature and what I want for my roses project.

I started doodling ideas for flower quote t-shirts. That lead to intersting readings on the meaning of flowers. More on that in an upcoming post. I’m still looking for a good journal. I want a large enough size that I can scan and reproduce as prints and the Roses book.

As always thank you for reading, I do share more content on Instagram and Pinterest. What are you working on? Comment below.



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