Expressive Flowers

Roses-Colorful Bouquet

acrylic painted blue vase filled with pink and blue roses

It’s about time! I was walking along and suddenly spotted a yellow rose. Then I spotted a lighter yellow rose, peach roses, and a bunch of pink roses. I thought I recorded it. That’s ok, my spirit will forever be connected. This experience is what inspired my colorful bouquet.

I can’t wait to fill my book with page after page of beautiful roses. A painting page and a mindful thought on another page? Some of the words can be written on full-page colorful backgrounds? Yes! This journal will be my exploration. Then I can buy a journal and paint the book. I can reference these blog posts to paint my roses. I do have a Pinterest collection of roses to inspire me. I’m going to paint roses with sunflowers next. It’s a roses book but I’ve been seeing sunflowers. I like my wildflowers. Do you have any ideas? I want a great journal on a budget. I work with watercolor and acrylic.

If you’re curious I mixed these colors and use dollar tree containers to store them. I love storing my paint in these containers vs. the tube. Would you like me to create a post? Please comment below and let me know what journal you use?



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