Expressive Flowers

Why Creatively Hue?

Creatively hue is the name for my blog. It sounded interesting and a reflection of self-expression. The more you paint, you leave societal ideas. You lose what art should be and paint. These are the ideas that always lead to interesting places. I’ve been doing more of this self-expression with my journal. Last night, I was going over my week.

What is the one lesson I want to share in today’s post? Suddenly, the lesson came together.

Hue is color. Nature is colorful. Color represents how unique and beautiful nature is. Nature is us. YOU. And my priority as an artist is self-expression. Right now my project is Roses. I’m painting beautiful roses.

I like painting yellow flowers and discovering that when the yellow is too light, I can trace it with a marker. I splatter a color. No worries it becomes part of the painting. And so a new chapter begins…