Expressive Flowers

Roses-Pink Heaven

There’s so much I love about this pattern. I challenged myself to work with shades of pink. I got a fluorescent pint, magenta rose pink and mixed a few shades by adding green to pink. I used a flat brush to scrape the paint across the page. As the paint dried I got my nova crayon ready. I quickly thought about what I was going to do and sketched. I doodled patterns on the leaves. The blue just works! I sketched the aqua flowers with a marker. My designs are fun took look at. The bright fluorescent goes with how nature makes me feel, PINK HEAVEN. If you haven’t please go for a walk! It’s been raining so much. Oh, but the sun is out, dried up all the rain! I’m seeing the biggest roses ever. It’s music to my soul.

Ok, back to my pink roses. The one lesson I can learn is—wait there are two lessons. The first lesson is that too much titan buff can desaturate color. I want warm vanilla, which is why I like the sun-kissed vanilla I created. The other lesson is to relax as I layer and think about contrast. I forget to loosen my grip on the brush. Hello! These are expressive abstract roses. You can tell which roses I tensed up with.

I’m so happy that I have this journal. Every day I’m getting better. As always thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post and have a comment, please comment below.



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