Expressive Flowers

New Art Journal & Ruby the Copycat

I finished a journal. Now it’s time to start a new art journal. My new journal is a smaller size. I have a limited space to work my magic on a limited space. Here are a few art journals that Ive been doodling in fro time to time. The smaller journal is a Corduroy pocket journal for my poems. The other is a journal I picked up at UCLA. In this journal I doodle and test markers to see if I can create watercolor effects. They are not. I can doodle, look at color schemes and most of all I can learn not to be Ruby the Copycat!

I had a chance to read this book and here I am in the same situation. Ruby is a new girl at school. She’s shy, nervous and scared. She meets Angela with a beautiful red bow. Angela read her poem to the class. Ruby copied it. On and on Ruby went copying. This made her classmates mad, particularly Angela.