Expressive Flowers

Roses-Pink and Blue

I went through all of my artwork. Perhaps you have seen all 100 of my designs on Society 6. Society 6 was my platform for storing my portfolio. And if I made a sale, great. I sold a sticker. Yes. Was I dedicated to the site? Did I habitually upload work weekly? Monthly? No. I’m not sure how I feel about Society 6. Since Society 6 was my portfolio it was experimental. There’s no right way to paint a flower. I believe that. I paint this way. I also know that my shop should be cohesive. I had three different signatures for my art. Some prints are actual pages from book projects. There are a lot of projects that I had to say goodbye to. These projects reflect an attitude of I’m sharing and hope you like it. Doesn’t sound too confident, does it?

And that brings me to pink and blue roses. I paint expressive abstract florals. I’m working on roses. I love painting nature. I have lots of ideas. I was frustrated. You know when you see cool on social media. It gets to you and you ask yourself, “How do I measure up? I don’t want to measure up. I want to paint. I am an artist, period. I know about color and the principles of design. I know about the wonderful flowers I see on my walks. These flowers are my biggest inspiration.

I just wrote a post on Instagram about hoarding acrylic paint. I would save the good “stuff” for when I was ready. In the words of an awesome first-grade class, I was born ready. They say this every single day. I need to paint like this. I am an artist. I should stop posting partially finished work because I didn’t really work on it. If people don’t like my work, it won’t hurt as much. I’m switching gears. My priority is self-expression. I love the positive feedback you give me. It reminds me that I’m not alone. We all have a story to tell.

Don’t hoard your paint for a better day. Paint today! Glad I had this talk. Glad I painted these pink and blue roses. Pink was my hero. I mixed orange with a sun-kissed white. I mixed a little of sun-kissed white with pink and threw in a little fluorescent pink. It works! My new portfolio will be here. Here’s to new beginnings! Have a good week!