Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Watercolor Sketching and Exploring

Various colorful watercolor rose doodles

I had finished a painting session. I don’t remember the outcome but taking my finepoint black pen and doodling roses is memorable. I took random watercolors and painted in a quick blending motion. I used the back side of watercolor paper so it wasn’t even watercolor blending. The orange and pink look beautiful together! I created a pattern, called it doodling peach roses and added the design to my shop. I never intended for these flowers to be a design in my shop. These roses weren’t good but they weren’t bad either. What I was painting probably didn’t work, so I picked up the brush and did something random. I’ve been doing a lot of random art. That’s how I’ve given these roses a second look and I want more of these roses.

I read in Feck Perfuction that we overlook and dismiss the random weird “stuff”. The random weird stuff makes the best art. These doodles are me. I feel like I’m on to something. That something is the focus of Roses: Friendship for the Spirit. I want a book filled with my roses:

The book will contain all of the random thoughts that come from painting roses. It’s time to get painting and painting I shall! For now I’m not thinking of the book. I want to paint and let the ideas emerge. My priority is self-expression. I trust that the book will be there.

I’ve added new work to my shop. Here’s a wildflower that expresses what I’d like to be known for, what I want my work to mean. I did a little lunchtime sketching. Thanks for reading my blog and for being a fan. If you enjoy this content please subscribe.