Expressive Flowers

Roses-Imperfectly Perfect

Pink Roses Pattern

Roses are not perfect circles. The petals are random shapes. The colors vary. The roses vary in size. Roses are beautiful! We don’t have to stop at Roses either. We can get all Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor and admire everything in nature. Everything in nature simply is. We should always simply be when it comes to painting or doing our best at what we choose to do. Simply being is what allows us to experiment, explore and reach those little habits that make up our story, our art.

Several roses painted in a magenta color

I gave my project some brighter color and I realized yet again Michelangelo is right! You begin with a white canvas. Each brush stroke is layering or chiseling to get rid of everything but the idea. This process requires trust and takes time. The entire process is all I’m going to add a little blue. You don’t question you just do! From bright brush strokes for Ettavee’s project to Suzanne’s expressive flowers, I’ve been painting a lot. There’s no right way to paint a flower! You mix up your colors. Sure there are guidelines you can follow but an artist doesn’t question. I simply paint.

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