Expressive Flowers

Beautiful Life-Sunray

a yellow sun with pink aqnd orange rays and the words bella vida

The first days of spring have been breezy, warm, and colorful. Today I walked around town admiring new sprouts of color. The warmth of the sun, every color of every bloom, the birds with their song, the way the skies clear after a storm…I could go on. There is no peace and no equilibrium like nature. Nature is the place where I draw upon my inspiration for life and love. I always feel free, feel me!

Recently, I changed my About page to reflect this new purpose. The purpose of my art is to prioritize self-expression. And that I did with college. Tomorrow I’ll be painting more roses. I’ve been painting roses and mixing hot pink. For more of these ideas, pins click here. Oh, that’s right I’ve got to create an idea pin for the new supplies I’ve purchased. It was tempting to purchase more but I already have all the supplies I need.

Enjoy the rest of your week!