Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Use What You Have

Do I know how to paint floral arrangements? I’ve just painted one. I’ve painted good sketches.

sketching flowers with tempera paint

Children never fully say they’re artists. They always grin and say,” I like to paint!” I was doodling with my bag of markers. I felt the childhood days of coloring with a huge box of crayons. I didn’t care if I had skills. I wanted to use the colors. I’ve been thinking like this all day, always.

I have a lot of paint

Do I need to buy more paint? Maybe I need a cerulean blue. I’m always going to want more paint. But, I should use what I already have. I have tubes of pink, blue, yellow, and neutral tones. I can paint beautiful flowers with what I have. I remember when I went to the store to buy green. I have blue and yellow. I have turquoise and teal. I can mix beautiful greens! Color is part of my story.

I have professional grade and student grade paint

I was, cleaning and organized my paint: watercolor tubes, acrylic tubes, and acrylic fluid bottles. I’m a lover of color, not brands. I read that someplace, and I declare. I have favorites. Some of my favorites are professional grade. Many of my paints are student grade. Someone else said,” You can give an artist a box of crayons. They’ll be able to make awesome art.” Crayons are great. But you make the tools. The tools don’t make you.

I seem to prefer Windsor Newton Watercolors

The professional acrylics are creamy. Other artists will fall in love with Liquitex Heavy Body. I have my favorites. I have my doodles. I have my happy mistakes.

I haven’t used my violet iron to paint

The best way to learn is to paint. Paint with your supplies. Use what you have and make it work. I walked through the aisles of a Blick store and sporadically picked violet iron. I thought it was an interesting shade of brown. Tomorrow I’ll be color-mixing with violet iron.

It’s so much fun to doodle

I have tons of markers. I like to draw. I organized my markers and pens in a pencil pouch. I can easily grab them when my blooms need a little more life. When I don’t have time to paint, I can doodle. Let’s be real. The only time I don’t paint is when I’m sick. Basically, I paint every day. Oh, I should take them with me on the road! Lunchtime draw! When I go downtown!

Yes, these are the roses I’ve been painting. Do you see the hearts? I painted the background weeks ago but hearts are the right symbol to remind me to paint with heart. All I need to do is keep exploring. The ideas and the talent are already here. I don’t need permission, except my free will to continue self-expression.

Thanks for reading!