Expressive Flowers

Roses-There’s Something About You

Several roses painted in a magenta color

I’ve been getting positive feedback. It’s been nice. I am halfway through the From Painting to Product: Simplified skillshare course. First, it was sketching with a golden rod watercolor pencil. I forgot how much I love this pencil. Then it was mixing colors. I started layering dark colors. Here’s when I realized that student grade paint is not as opaque as professional grade. Oh, but I remembered that you can mix in a professional-grade white to improve the opacity of the paint. If one stroke of color didn’t work, I applied another. And the ideas kept emerging! There was a point where I layered and layered and the flowers still didn’t feel right. I took a break. And that break helped me realize that I paint ornament roses. I love the roses pattern I painted too! I simply want to paint flowers.

Lovely rows of flowers painted with an ornament and with tones of pink

I’ve sketched good roses. I got this!

The skillshare course helped me get back into exploring my ideas. Most of the courses I’ve taken have been step 1, step 2…I’ll teach you how I paint. I’m not interested in painting like someone else. I’m interested in learning to enjoy the process and in doing so get rid of all the unnecessary layers. It’s this amazing quote:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe in my roses and now it’s time to paint a book of them. There are going to be ornament roses and MORE expressive abstract roses. If you’ve been enjoying these roses and the thoughts that come with them, then you’ll love the arty book I’m working on. I’ll be posting updates leading up to the launch.