how to be an artist

Do you want to be an artist?

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

I was going to share an update on roses but this story is just too good! For the past few days, I’ve been drawing birds are living organisms illustrations. I sketched birds and nests with a pencil. I added colors with crayons. I didn’t even use an eraser. Not once. Today a student said,” You draw so well! Are you an artist? “I just draw a lot,” I said. He said,” I want to be an artist when I grow up. Do you want to be an artist when you grow up? I quietly said,” I am an artist. The student said,” Wait a minute. If you’re an artist then why are you a teacher?

Teaching gives me purpose but art and I, we just are. I am an artist. Oh and the Oh the Places We’ll Go made me question my actions too! Is the world telling me that I can do this? I can do this! I am an artist!

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