Expressive Flowers, Roses Project


painting roses using different brushes.

I was close to giving up. I uttered the words,” I’m not good at painting roses. Forget about roses. Paint other flowers and move on. Then I got out my brushes and magenta paint. I tested out a flat brush. I tested out a filbert brush. I practiced eyebrow strokes. I painted a few of my favorite flowers. It was beautiful!

My style and my blooms were blooming before my eyes! And all this started with the orange rose I drew with a crayon. Drawing with the flat bottom of the crayon instead of the tip was great. I threw out the bad brush with the bad attitude.

Don’t get caught up in the situation

Decide to abandon the commotion.



Choose love

Listen to a song

Feel the ease from above

I’m going to work on that. Ok time to paint today’s roses!

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