Expressive Flowers


Mix pink in various tones

That is me! This may be my favorite WordPress WordPrompt. It is! I’ve been working on improving my art. I believe in my work but I need to keep carving out that which doesn’t belong. I have taken the Art2Life workshop. Yes, I learned about differences in your art, value, and color. The most important part of making great art is to paint with love. When I go for walks and see pink roses, it makes me smile.

The breeze of trees calms me. Nature always speaks to my spirit, my soul. I’m about to paint today and I know if I paint with this, it’s going to be good! I wrote a post about this yesterday but couldn’t put into words what I’ve learned thus far. I am by the way working on a roses book. It’s friendship for the spirit. I have been painting roses, pinning amazing photos, and watching youtube videos. And with the Art2Life workshop words like differences, soul, layers, and your art can always be better, speak to me. The one word that captivates me is differences. If I choose to simply paint who I am, if I paint with those differences, wow! Now I leave you with some of my favorite projects including my latest project, roses.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day blooming beauties.