Expressive Flowers, Roses Project


I got dressed this morning in a pink floral blouse and a pearl-like necklace. As I put on a neutral pink lip gloss I wondered. What will I wear tomorrow and the day after that? Shouldn’t I always enjoy the day no matter the season or festive day? Ok, we can’t always go home with a huge envelope of treats and cards. But we can choose love every day! Valentine’s Day is about love, right? Who assigned love to the heart shape as we know it anyway? These are the thoughts that sometimes boggle my mind. Anyway, today I want to kick off the start of something wonderful. I have been doing sketches and although crayons are fun, it’s not the same as making a mess. I love the color mixing I’ve been doing. In the words of Lizzo, “It’s about time!” Thank you for being a fan. Thank you for being a teacher. I recently opened up comments. Your kind words have been amazing! Thank you my blooming beauties! That’s right Creatively Hue has found a name for its fans. I have the roses project. There’s the wildflower thoughts project. I haven’t forgotten the creative exploration with paper collage course.

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