Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-In honesty

I was listening to this YouTube video and the artist basically said these words. Paint a dot. Paint strokes around the dot. Begin with a dark dot and get lighter. I painted I don’t know how many roses. Not a single rose is worth a spot on my blog. That’s right, I have no picture to share. I keep layering with watercolor on the mixed media grumbacher paper. The paper is great for acrylic paint but awful for watercolor. Maybe I should practice the curves with markers? Yes, I should try a nice quiet quick lunchtime draw. Maybe I was too focused on producing something great for my blog? I forgot to have fun. Color schemes? I didn’t even have my book out. It’s ok. I’m proud of every rose that went in the trash. I practiced. I know I need to loosen up. I go this! Has this every happen to you? Any tips? Should I begin with me rose at a time? Learn color? Then move toward photos?

You know what, I am posting a sketch because I can paint. Here’s my proof. I need this right now. These flowers are beautiful! Oh my goodness. I just realized the most wonderful words. Embrace ugly work. In the beginning, your work may seem ugly. Embrace it. Keep layering and the strokes will bloom.

Blue Flowers in a Blue Vase

Now I’m going to go find videos. I have some fun Valentine’s day project ideas. I’ll probably start that Friday.

Thanks for reading and sharing this moment with me. These moments happen. I believe in my art. Don’t forget to comment below? Subscribe if you haven’t.



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