Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-show love

Today’s bloganuary question is how do you show love? I think this is my favorite question! I show love with words and paint. Painting helps me relax. Painting helps me express how nature makes me feel. I want to paint all day! My annual physical included a wellness checkup. Am I happy? Do I have hobbies? I am happy! That’s when I realized my nature walks and painting projects give me mindfulness and help me be a better person. Because of my art, I’m patient, optimistic, kind, and loving. I know what you’re thinking, hold on. Art also helps me reflect on the times I’m impatient and egotistical. I’m a loving spirit who happens to be living a human experience. Painting is my freedom of expression. Right now my roses project is helping me learn how to use color and texture to express how nature makes me feel.

So today I’m sharing the above sketch. The rose is below the words there’s room. I sketched this lovely message in the last five minutes of my lunch break. The petals resemble a big smile. Sure I took out my crayons and colored a few sketches. I drew two flower vase arrangements but I didn’t feel like sharing them. Tomorrow I’ll paint blue roses.

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