Roses Project


usuing various tools like crayons and markers to sketch roses

Today I thought I’d get out my sketching tools and draw roses. If I’m going to paint beautiful roses, I should learn how to draw them first. Right? The pink rose I drew with closed eyes surprised me the most. I marked my favorite sketches with a blue dot. Soft pink petals with dark green leaves? Color tips were on my mind. It was fun to sketch with crayons but a voice reminded me that it’s time to paint. It’s time to paint roses, in a vase, arrangement, and with a background. I will in a week or two. I am enjoying this creative exploration phase.

Today’s #bloganuary question is who is my favorite author? All of them. Can I include myself? Sure. Every book I’ve read has taken me to places I’ve never been. Feck Perfuction is a good read! I mention Learning By Heart all the time. I appreciate Phillipa Gregory’s books. It’s empowering to read how a princess or queen thinks like a king.