Roses Project

Roses-Observe & Paint

What is my happiest moment? Well, it certainly isn’t the meatloaf I cooked for dinner. Ha. My happiest moment is when I can see the idea form before my eyes. When I’m painting I can visualize the bigger picture. I see how all the details work together. I don’t care about the outcome because I’m busy loving the moment.

Pink abstract expressive roses

I admire the artists who can have a beautiful photo on an iPad right next to their paper. And they paint as they see all the details. It’s the focus of being in that moment. Art takes time. It takes time to build flow. There’s this artist who paints a realistic pear. It takes her three hours. I can paint for three hours. I have. And painting these roses confirms that I’m better at painting how I feel. I can look at a flower on my walk. Then come home and paint. Every artist has their technique. That’s the beauty of art. There’s room for all! Time to listen to a podcast and observe flowers.