Roses Project

Roses-blending with my fingers

I was going to map out the activities for my roses project. Roses plan has been on my to-do list for days. Then I realized, ideas come as I’m researching and painting roses. They have been. I believe in my work. It’s going to be good!

pink watercolor rose

What I did first was layer on soft strokes of pink watercolor. I did it in a circular motion. Next, I added red to the pink paint and painted red strokes for the petals. For watercolor, you paint light to dark. For acrylic paint, it’s dark to light. I used my finger to define the petal shapes. Yes, I believe this may be my style! The center of this beautiful rose is a mess. I’m working on that. I’m working on myself. Paint a rose every night. Studio work on the weekends? As I paint the rose, relax, and put fear in the back seat. Paint soft easy strokes. Let go. See and smell the rose as I blend. You can see the texture of the paper. That’s where I was thinking too much, trying hard. Just paint roses right? Maybe I’ll use dots to create the center?

My roses project is a book of friendship and love for the spirit. I’m off to a good start.

Oh, by the way, today’s #bloganuary is about a memorable smell? I don’t have a memorable smell. It’s been raining for days. Since I’m writing about flowers, I long for the smell of grass, roses, wildflowers, soil…the smell of spring.