Roses Project

Roses-No Fear Allowed

This morning I wake up to my roses, the ones I’ve painted. These are sketches but…

What if I can’t paint roses? I keep referencing Carrie. Maybe I should try the referencing a photo technique? I can loosely observe to paint how I feel. Let’s do it! I paint every single day! I love to paint. I want to grow this blog and keep growing as an artist. I’m excited about what I’ll paint today. What if I’m not an artist? What if I’m an imposter? Should I be painting roses?

Oh, fear you have come on a Sunday morning. But look at my sketches. I painted roses. I painted roses. The pink rose is gorgeous. And those blue roses, I painted them in five minutes. Ok maybe a little more than five minutes, but I just painted. Fear can be ugly.

Fear means you are out of your comfort zone. Fear can be that bully who easily influences you if you let them. Fear is OK. Fear will always be here. I can shut down in fear. Or I can acknowledge the fear and alter course. I have that power. We have that power. I’m serious about painting flowers. I am an artist and always will be! Let’s see, what else do I fear? I haven’t published a course in a long time. I’ll be doing it anyway. I believe in what I’m doing. You may be wondering, what about flow? When you’re in the flow like the kid who paints, is fear there. Fear is in the studio but it doesn’t control me.

Have you painted roses? Emai me? Tag me on social media. Comment below.



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