Roses Project

Roses-How do you paint roses?

Today’s prompt is what is your preferred method of travel? I’d like to travel to Mexico, Spain, and Ireland. Oh, how could I forget the tulip fields of Holland? I’d need to board a plane. It would be great to drive along a country road too. It’s raining right now but I can feel the warmth of all the blooms of the coming spring. As the poets say, I want to frolic in the garden. I want to breathe and wear my big floppy hat. I want to fall in LOVE with it all…again. In the meantime, I’ll paint roses.

How do you paint roses?

I watched a few videos. I have favorites. Here’s what I’ve learned:

The way Carrie takes the brush and layers on color is amazing! I don’t think she even uses a pencil. She just goes for it. It’s inspiring. Her painting parties are the best!

and Betsy’s Color Palette is amazing! I want to know how she creates her color schemes. I emailed her!

Here’s a quick bullet list

  • Roses have random shapes. No perfect circles needed.
  • Work in layers. Let each layer dry a little. Patience
  • Don’t work the paint too much. Soft strokes. Be free.
  • Use your fingers to soften the paint and blend (best tip!)
  • Let your eyes do the painting. You are the artist! You know you are.
  • Mix your paint until it’s creamy. (another best tip!)

I worked the paint too much. Plus this is thin paper. You can’t blend on it. Overall, it’s a great start. I’ve only just begin…

Maybe my preferred method of travel is to freely get lost in myself. Silence everything so I can listen to the voice that’s always ready to paint. Let the magic begin…



Thank you for reading. If you have a friend that would enjoy this blog, please share it with. If you’re new and you like what you’ve read then subscribe. Roses are my latest project. I’ll be working on roses for a while.