Expressive Flowers

Roses-Finger Painting Roses

Today’s prompt is what do you find most challenging? Aside from cooking, painting can be a challenge. Right now it’s roses. I love abstract expressive flowers. I don’t want to paint realistic roses. I want to paint roses like Carrie. There’s this other artist. She paints on small square canvases. Then embroiders details over her flowers. Her color is amazing! I hope I pinned one of her paintings because I can’t find her Instagram profile or website. Found her!

Sometimes painting can be a challenge. I could think about what it should look like or finger paint roses! I finished mixing pinks and had leftover paint. The brush, or was it me that wasn’t painting good roses. I could have stayed in that moment or finger painted roses. I’m glad I listened to my voice. I’ll be finger painting lots more roses. Now that I realize, it’s not a challenge to listen to your voice. The challenge comes with turning off the noise.

Next time I’ll keep the paint moist with a spray bottle. Or I can thin the paint. Then I can easily spread it with my finger. I should create a flower finger painting project. A book? Doing it! Yes! Oh and I’ll use watercolor paper.

For the record, I can cook a few things, but I want to be the kind of cook who’s an artist. I want to learn the basics and just cook something good without a 10-ingredient recipe. I try!