Roses Project

Roses (More Pinks + Sketches)

This is a good video on mixing pink. I want to mix warm pinks. I’m mixing three colors to get my desired pinks. My favorite is magenta+purple. Purple made with red and turquoise is beautiful! Oh, and there’s orange+white+magenta+raw sienna. Plum and pale pink are some of my favorite pink tones. Of course, I love magenta too!

Mix pink in various tones

As I paint I’ll think of today’s prompt. What is success? Success is what happens when you separate the outside from yourself. Did I sketch roses? No. I did but not good ones. Wait till you see the roses I painted with my finger! I painted daisies. Did I mix up beautiful pinks? Yes!

Children are successful. Nobody gives them permission. They don’t have knowledge of the principles of design. Children just paint black and purple leaves. And you know what, this is the best tree we’ve ever painted!

Next, I’ll find videos on how to paint roses. I have a few artists in mind.