Roses Project

Painting Roses Prompt (Sketches)

The greatest gift is…me? No physical gift comes to mind. I appreciate my mind, spirit, and body, this is everything that is me. These are the greatest gifts I’ve been given. Let me explain. My art comes from my mind and my spirit. Those times when I need to redirect myself from what’s going on around me, I do that with my mind and spirit. That day at the park, I had a million thoughts in my head. I stopped, sat, and looked ahead. Suddenly seeing tall grass and watching the breeze move through it, this feeling of you are ok because you are with me lit me up. My light was back on. I was ready to begin my day! It’s been read many times that the most powerful gift of man is the mind. Yes, thoughts are wonderful things!

thoughts are wonderful blue and green quote art

I’m certainly glad for all the creative ideas I’ve had. It’s been wonderful! It is easy to get caught up in the negative but you’ve got to be positive. Art helps me do that. Right now I’m working on the roses project. I still need to finish my wildflower paper collage book. For today I want to share a few of my sketches. That way I can refer to this post as the first official day I began my roses project. Actually, the ornament roses are the first post. I’ll write that down. I want to compare the beginning with the awesomeness that’s going to happen during the process of this roses project.

Is it time to swatch all of my pinks? Oh yes.