Expressive Flowers

What Kind of Artist Am I?

I wonder if any of my ancestors were artists? If so, what kind of artists were they? A quick search of my last name reveals that there is indeed an artist, a conquistador, a musician, and a warrior. Yes, my great-grandfather spoke of fighting alongside Pacho Villa. Now that is interesting! Inspirational!

What kind of artist am I?

I paint with the heart of an impressionist. I rather paint the roses as they make me feel. This explains the texture and color of my work. But the emotion of my work is Expressionism. When I piant, what I paint comes from my spirit. Yes I long for spring, the days of long walks under the sun, butterlfies a flutter and me too. The birds singing their song and I capturing every color and every breeze. I’m breathing it all in now. It’s going to be beautiful!

Thank you to all of my new readers! Thank you to all of you who have been part of creatively hue. If you are interested in my work please check out my art prints. The idea pin for the ornament roses is now live on Pinterest.